Big Sister, Little Sister

From October 21-25th…..

Abbi had her 9 month well-baby visit.  She’s actually just a hair shorter than Lilli was at this age, and is in the 53rd percentile, weighed 17 lbs 13 ounces, which is in the 43rd percentile (and is 11 ounces heavier than Lilli was!) and her head is just a bit bigger than Lilli’s was, and is in the 82% percentile.  So, much like her sister she’s pretty short, fairly light weight and has a huge head! When we took her for strep testing this past week they weighed her and she was already ip to 18 lbs 3 ounces – not a big gain over the last few weeks, BUT, that puts her just one ounce lighter than Lilli was at her one YEAR visit! It will be interesting to see how Abbi changes from now until her one year visit in January, but so far it seems like even though she started out super tiny she’s going to be bigger than sister!


She really wasn’t happy about her visit or  seeing the doctor at all.  She was onto it pretty fast and gave Dr Rauth the stink-eye most of the visit or anytime he came near her.  She said she had the temperament and “caution” of more like a 15 month old than a 9 month old.  Woot!


She got really upset towards the end when she had to clean a little wax from her ear and just couldn’t recover.  So we asked Lilli to help her sister cheer up and make her laugh – so we got this.  Her eye control is pretty ridiculous.  It didn’t help sister much, but it did make us laugh.  They both got flu shots that day as well.


We got some of the “bigger” baby toys out and it’s hilarious to see Abbi sit on the tiny car.  She can’t move yet but it fits her really well!


We enjoyed some mid-week Mac n Cheese and out fave Noodles and Company.  I was feeling horrible with allergies and sinus infection that started that week after our trip to the pumpkin patch and mac n cheese sounded delicious.  I had lost my voice that day so Lilli found it all to be hilarious.


We had our first hard freeze that week so Brent and Lilli, and the animals, went out and picked all the peppers we had left because we knew they wouldn’t make it through the night.  The animals all love to “help” in the garden.


We had a TON of peppers.  We already have a freezer full, so we gave a lot away at work, school and church.  Our garden was just crazy this year!


We started brushing Abbi’s teeth.  She LOVES it.  I guess the little rubber finger feels good on her little gums and teeth.  I think her top teeth are starting to come in but Brent disagrees.


What happens while I’m at the pharmacy getting Allegra D…..


Seriously, we’re a head lice case just itching to start…..


All we really need for Christmas is diapers.  We’ll use the diapers on a certain bottom, and the box will provide hours of entertainment for sisters.


This box is still up in Abbi’s room because they play with it most every day.


And everyone has to get in on the action! Seriously – boxes of diapers for Christmas!!! It’s the gift that will keep on giving to us all!


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