Trunk or Treat

From October 27th….

We had some grand plans for our Halloween this year, but with the crazy weather on Halloween night and then Lilli getting sick they all got discarded.  But, we were able to do Trunk or Treat at our church, so at least Lilli got in a little bit of dress up and candy procuring.

Brent found this little skunk costume for Abbi at Goodwill one day.  It was still new with tags, and even though we had Lilli’s old Franken-Lilli costume as well as a different one for the family look we were going to do, he couldn’t resist.  And he was seriously just itching for her to wear it.

This girl doesn’t cry much, but she sure wasn’t happy here….


She actually didn’t mind it, she probably just wanted to be picked up or something.  It was hilarious watching her crawl around because she really did resemble a little skunk.


We had a huge turnout for Trunk or Treat.  I think our sign advertising free dinner (pizza) and candy probably sent it over the top.  Lilli came out of her closet as about three different things but ended up going as Princess Merida.  For her, dress up is just another day so we don’t even buy her anything new for Halloween.  She was so sweet holding Kylee’s hand heading out to the cars.  She loves all the “big girls” at church!


Cars were decorated as anything from Christmas to Ghostbusters to just normal witches and pumpkins…


Doing some trunk or treating…..


Our preacher was even Duck Dynasty.


Ella and Emma finished it off with neon monsters…


Lilli got a ton of candy and had a good time, thank goodness! We might have circled back through a second time if we knew that was all the trick or treating she’d get to do!!


With the little stinker.  She might have started crawling earlier than Lilli did, but she’s proving to be a slower walker.  Lilli started walking right around this time, and while Abbi isn’t far from it and easily cruises around on everything she doesn’t seem like she’s quite ready to start letting go.  It should definitely happen in the next 4-6 weeks though, I think.



Her current favorite thing is waving.  She loooooves to wave.  And waving at Pippin is probably her favorite “person” to wave at! It’s pretty hilarious, and so sad at restaurants when she’s waving at people and they don’t pay any attention to the little sweetie pie!


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