Halloween 2013

From October 28th-31st….

This is probably going to be our shortest and least exciting Halloween post ever.  Or at least I hope so!

The infamous diaper box of fun still lives on in our house nightly.  I got another month’s worth of diapers this week delivered from Amazon so soon we’ll have TWO boxes to play with!


The girls are not the only members of our house who like an empty box to play with.


Lilli and I worked on all her goodie bag and little gifts for her classmates (the purple bags), their teachers (little cans) and then she wanted to give some of her prior teachers some candy, too, so we pulled out the little orange bags.  The little bottles/fingers on the left were bubbles for Abbi’s classmates.


While we did goodie bags, Brent and Abbi ran to the grocery store to pick up the pepperoni we’d signed up to bring for Lilli’s Halloween party.  Brent snapped a pick of Abbi on the Dragon ride at the grocery store to get Lilli angry.  HA!


On Halloween day Lilli’s class could either wear PJs or costumes.  She couldn’t decide what she wanted to wear, so I got out Abbi’s batgirl onesie for her to wear and Lilli also decided to be a girl Superhero (Spidergirl).  My plan worked! Abbi’s had a little cape that velcro-ed off, so her teachers could remove it after a little while so the other kiddos wouldn’t pick on her!


Baby Batgirl!


She loves to hang out at the gate that separates the two infant rooms.  In the morning she crawls over there first to see Ms Alice and the other babies and keep an eye on what’s going on in their room.

Lilli’s class “partied” all day and those kiddos were wild when I picked her up! They made their own English Muffin pizzas for lunch and all of us parents contributed the items to make them.  They steer away from anything too sugary or “commercial” and like to do things the kids can help with, so they chopped ingredients and put together the fruit and vegetables that went along with it.


Otherwise Halloween was a bust.  It rained and was incredibly windy – so windy it moved our grill across the deck and took the lid off our water table and blew it across the yard.  Our power went off an on, and most of Nashville decided to trick or treat Friday night instead.  Lilli was pretty scared of the weather and we offered to take her to one or two houses with an umbrella and do the rest on Friday night but she decided to just wait until Friday.  We had Curious George Halloween on DVR so we made some Halloween cookies and just watched it instead.  Our only two trick or treaters were Chip and Dale.

And right before bed Lilli said her tummy was hurting.  <Foreshadowing.>


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