Lilli gets Sick, Part 2

From November 3rd – November 7th…

Lilli didn’t sleep great the rest of Saturday night/Sunday morning after our ER visit, it seems like she woke up hurting again around 3 am or so, which became the norm every night after that.  And then with that “extra hour” of sleep, Abbi was up early and bright, bushy tailed and ready to go.  As Sunday wore on, Lilli did start to act like she was feeling better and started to have some appetite and even wanted to go with Brent in the car to Wendy’s to pick up lunch to bring home, but by the time they got back she was crying that her stomach hurt.


She spent most of the day just watching cartoons, and while she would hurt sometimes she wasn’t crying as much and seemed to be getting a little bit better.


Nothing but trouble and pure energy.


Her favorite thing while she was sick was having us pretend we were the cats talking in a robot voice telling her to get better.  Those cats are a mess.


We had another fairly rough night on Sunday night, she woke up around 3 or 4 and cried off and on the rest of the night, for whatever reason when she was trying to sleep everything was worse and we would alternate the heating pad, hot water bottle and Tylenol all night long.  The ER doc had told us it was okay to give her Benadryl to help her sleep but it didn’t help at all.  She wanted one of us in the bed with her all night and she would just roll and roll.  Eventually Brent ended up in her bed and she was in the big bed with us and we’d periodically watch some cartoons (giant plus of having cable right now!) because we were basically up all night and sleeping in short intervals.  Brent went to work and took Abbi to school, and I stayed home with Lilli.  She ate breakfast and lunch, and her appetite was really starting to come back.  We watched several new movies – Turbo and Epic.  Turbo was really cute and featured a taco truck so she wanted tortillas for lunch.  At that point she was getting to eat anything she had an appetite for!


Later that afternoon she even got toys out to play with, which was great to see because she hadn’t even looked at a toy in over 3 days at that point.  Occasionally she would grab her hot water bottle or heating pad, but didn’t complain much about her stomach so we still felt like she was improving and like there was no reason to see the doctor (who had talked to us and said as long as she made steady improvements it could take up to a week to really recover from this “stomach bug”.)


On Tuesday Brent stayed with her so I could go to work.  She had had another rough night, up from around 2 am on, off and on.  Her crying woke Abbi up for several hours, so Brent ended up with her for a few hours and I was with Lilli and basically we were just going back and forth and it was a LONG night.  But once she got up he said they enjoyed some bacon and watched the exact same movies we had watched and she never mentioned her stomach.


Of course she had to have some tortillas for lunch again…


Since Brent said she acted like she was really getting back to normal, I asked her if she wanted to try her first night of gymnastics.  At first she said No, but then changed her mind.  I told her if her stomach hurt at all to just tell her coach and that I would be watching.  It’s hard to see from the upstairs parent bleachers, but she seemed to be doing great and had a blast out there.


She’s the very far left below.  Afterwards she was a bundle of energy and said gymnastics had made her totally better and she loved every second of it.  I think gymnastics will be much more her speed versus our failed attempt with ballet.  When we got home we told her she’d be going back to school the following day, which we met with some resistance but we thought she’d be up for it since during the day she seemed to be returning to normal.


Once again we had a long night, she was up from basically 1:30 on, crying and in pain with her stomach cramps.  She ended up on the couch in the living room with cartoons.  After waking Abbi up previously we started moving her further away so at least one child would sleep.  We figured we would still try her at school, but her teachers said around lunch she started feeling bad and getting upset, and when I got her she was sitting in a teacher’s lap.


And when I picked up Abbi from her room her teachers pointed out that she had hand, foot, mouth.  Awesome! They didn’t send her home because at some point she must have had a fever that already passed, before the sores appear.  She had a very light case, and none in her mouth so we were glad.  There’s nothing you can do about that, but it really wasn’t what we wanted to hear that week.


We had already decided to let Lilli stay home on Thursday and we would be going to the doctor.  She was up again from about 1:30 on, and at this point she was just so tired that the crying was getting worse and worse and she was so frustrated and would repeat over and over that nothing helped and her stomach hurt.  We were beyond tired and frustrated ourselves.  Brent got up and took Abbi to school while I stayed home with a tired, cranky, and exhausted Lilli.  That girl loves to sleep, and at this point she’d had nearly a solid week of being up over half the night.


Our cleaning people come every Thursday, sometimes early in the morning or sometimes later in the day depending on their schedule that week.  This particular Thursday they pulled in right at 7, which was no problem since I was already up, dressed, drinking coffee and fixing Lilli quesadillas for breakfast (seriously!) I mentioned everything that had been going on with Lilli and one of the ladies said I needed to get her tested for strep.  She said her son acted the same way when he was little, and his only symptom was stomach cramping.  I politely said I would mention it, thinking all along that she literally had no signs of strep.

When we got to the pediatrician we updated our doctor on the events of the week, and in passing I mentioned our cleaning people had diagnosed her with step and we all kind of laughed.  She then mentioned that strep can present itself very strangely, and we might as well test.  She also did another urine sample, which I only mention because Brent has yet to be picked by Lilli as the one to catch her pee in a cup.  Or basically all over your hand.  NEXT TIME!!

We could hear the nurses and doctors talking in the hallway outside our door, and we heard the nurse say her test came back positive IMMEDIATELY and that three other tests she had taken were still working while this one came up positive so quickly.  We absolutely couldn’t believe it.  We still don’t know if the doctor would have even tested for it since there are so many stomach things going around if we hadn’t mentioned it, but we do know from now on if in doubt we will insist on a strep test.  After talking with her, we decided it would be best if we brought Abbi in for testing since she had been exposed for so long.  Thankfully she was negative!


Poor Lilli just passed out after we left.  She requested cheese pizza and then literally slept in her carseat for a couple of hours while we went to school and got Abbi, went back to the doctor, saw the doctor (Brent stayed in the car with her) and then she woke up around the time we called to order a pizza and brought it home.  I think she had finally hit her wall of getting such poor rest and being sick with strep for a full week without it being treated.  We asked our doctor if it would have cleared up on its own without antibiotics and she said strep is pretty terrible and will usually turn worse and around Day 10 turn into something like rheumatic fever and can be very serious! We are definitely thankful for our cleaning people and their suggestions and were SURE to tell them about everything that happened later that day.

And FINALLY we had the correct diagnosis and the pink stuff antibiotic waiting on Lilli!

It had been a long, long, long week and we all felt like this:


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