The Zoo!

From November 8-9th…

Lilli woke up feeling absolutely back to normal Friday morning.  She came running in my room asking if she could go back to school, to the zoo, to Chuck E Cheese and on and on and on.  She was SO happy to have slept all night without waking up and to feel like herself again.  It was AMAZING.  And that was after just the first dose of 20 doses of antibiotic!!

Of course she wanted cinnamon rolls for breakfast.


We watched some cartoons and laid around for a bit and she wanted to go somewhere so bad! So we went to the pet store right by our house.  It’s our favorite sick day place to kill a little time without being around too many people.


When we were leaving there she asked if she could go to that place “with the samples and the bread lady”, which is the Harris Teeter grocery store by our house.  They have lots of samples and a lady in the middle that bakes fresh bread.  All our grocery stores are so nice, but this one in particular is open 24 hours because all of the country music and other celebs in town shop here around 2-3 in the morning after their performances, and they also let their tour buses park out in the lot.  If you’re out later in the evening you’ll see some seriously nice tour buses out in the parking lot.  Carrie Underwood and Trace Adkins are apparently neighbors of ours and regulars here!


After Brent and Abbi came home from work/school later that day we went out to celebrate everyone feeling better and ate some Mexican food and went to our TJMaxx Home Goods looking for Halloween clearance.  With Lilli being sick we missed all the Halloween markdowns, everywhere.  Such a bummer.  And, historically, for the first time Lilli broke something in a store.  She picked up a snowglobe saying “I’m going to be so careful” and it slipped out of her hand and shattered on the floor.  I can’t believe Brent didn’t get a picture of that.  But it was just an accident.


Is there something on my head?


Saturday morning this one was confused and forgot about the time change because she was up at 6:30.  Not cool since we were still catching up after being up with Lilli the previous week!!! And Lilli heard her so she got up too and our day started waaaay too early!


Lilli has been dying to go to the zoo and see the new kangaroo exhibit and kept texting Brent “zoo” the day before, so since we were up and ready WAY earlier than normal we went to the zoo.  It was a bit overcast and chilly and probably the least crowded we’ve EVER seen the zoo.

The new kangaroo thing was a huge disappointment.  You can walk through and touch them, but you can’t leave the path.  And the ‘roos have this all figured out and stay as far from the path as possible up against the fence.  It was pretty lame.


“Where are we? Are we at the zoo? Are there animals out there?? I can’t see a thing!!”


She ran and ran and ran the whole day! I think after being so sick for a week the girl was just ready to GO! It was hilarious.


She was also big on using the map the whole time and guiding us through the zoo.


Watching an owl show while we ate lunch.


There are giraffes out there, I promise!


The bird feeding place was closed so we did the carousel.  She wanted the dolphin this time.


It was so nice and not crowded!!!


And on our way out she picked a parrot as her special toy for the day.  I have no idea why since I don’t think we saw any parrots, but she (cleverly) named it “Parrot” and he’s gone a lot of places with us.


That night we tried a new (to us) Italian restaurant near us.  It’s no Mirko but the prices were good, it wasn’t crowded and the food was good.  And Lili ate this ENTIRE bowl of spaghetti! The girl was BACK!


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