Fall Leaves don’

From November 10th….

Lilli was so glad to be feeling better and go back to church.  She knew she’d been sick for a while and asked how many times she had missed! She has a future as the attendance card collector, for sure.  When I picked her up from class she told her teacher she’d been to the hospital twice so she for sure wanted to know what had happened, and even though our story was rather dramatic it was nowhere near THAT dramatic!  She has such a good time playing with the older kids (and Audrey) and running wild, and it’s really nice to go to a smaller church where she can run around and I have no idea where she is or what she’s doing but also not worry about it since everyone knows everyone and takes care of each other!


My poor attempt at the two of them together after church.  Lilli loves the strangle hold.


Abbi likes to crawl away as fast as she can…..


And Pippin is the ultimate photobomber.


Lilli wanted to take one of us and of course we got photobombed with Pippin! He does not mind a picture…


We had only been enjoying the leaves from our windows while we took care of Lilli, so we headed out Sunday afternoon for some hiking! We tried to go to Radnor Lake, but it was a beautiful day during peak foliage and with the Titans being worthless this year there were no spots to park at Radnor Lake and the cars were incredibly backed up.  So, we turned around and headed to Percy Warner Park.  It’s always been a favorite of ours for hiking and running, and Brent and I were even runners in the very first marathon ever there back 7 years ago.  I think this is the first time we’ve taken Lilli.  We drove in and found a spot to park, and then walked up the road and onto a trail.  The one downside is most of the park is open to cars, so on a gorgeous day like this one you do have to watch the kiddos for traffic.  The girls were happy to hit the trails…


Always happy to just be hanging out.

















We saw some wild turkeys as we drove in the park, but that was pretty much the extent of our wildlife viewing.  Lilli did collect several pretty leaves and we talked a lot about the colors.


Once again she was running, running, running.  The park was PACKED.  These pictures don’t do it justice, but we have never seen so many people on the actual trails.  You were hardly alone for more than a few minutes before you’d meet someone or have someone come up behind us.


I think it was nearly three before we got there, so we didn’t have a ton of time of the trails for hiking because about the last thing I ever want to do is be stuck out in the woods with these girls once it gets dark!!


When we were heading back to the car, Lilli was so slow and she stopped to look and touch pretty much everything that Brent and Abbi were pretty far ahead of us.  She was walking on the shoulder of the road which kept getting narrower and narrower.  I don’t know why she didn’t just join me on the asphalt, but all of the sudden she started sliding down the steep shoulder and did one of those awesome head over heels rolls down a hill! Of course I squealed and Brent heard me and turned around in time to see her upside down on the bottom.  Of course she started crying and I thought she might be hurt but her main issue – she had gotten dirty.  And seriously, she had so much grass and leaves stuck to her that I was dying laughing.  Fancy Nancy wouldn’t settle on anything but a dress or skirt to hike in that day…..I think another trip to REI to find her some pink hiking pants may be in order.  At least she was wearing her Keen hiking shoes!!


Later that night we were getting all of the rest of our Halloween decor down and packing it back in the attic and she pulled out this old Halloween costume from when she was about 20 months old.  It’s a little short but it still (kinda) fits!!


And perhaps from my favorite picture we’ve taken lately….

Carrying Abbi around in the infant “bucket style” carseat was just getting difficult and too heavy for me to manage, so Brent got up in the attic and got down Lilli’s old carseat to upgrade her.  Well, big sis was MORE than a bit jealous about Abbi getting her old carseat – that we haven’t used in over a YEAR – and threw a big old fit about it with crossed arms and pouting lips.  She sure does love her sister but WOW – when she gets jealous she can throw a lovely tantrum sometimes.  Abbi on the other hand, seemed pretty thrilled about her upgrade! She hasn’t mentioned it since that night, but we made it pretty clear that until she gets a job we get to decide who has what in our house and we share things.  Goodness!!


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