From November 11th-14th….

Lilli was so excited to finally head back to school and she had a great first day back after essentially having 6 days out of school!! That night we had breakfast for dinner and she was a big helper and flipped the pancakes on the griddle and made her scrambled eggs.  (We like sunny side up for us.) We even got Abbi in on the pancake action some.


Sisters, sisters.


Brent bought a Slinky somewhere so he pulled that out for some cold, dark weeknight fun.  Anything to help the winter cabin fever we have!!


“Miss Kay” from Duck Dynasty was at my work selling and signing cookbooks so I got one of those and stood in line for about a half an hour to meet her.  I’m not a huge fan, but since she came to me I figured why not!


I figured I’d ask her what the most “kid friendly” recipe is in the book that she likes making for her grandkids that I should make for my kids.  Somehow this confused her and she had a hard time coming up with her favorite recipe in the book.  It’s supposed to be all the things she makes for her family, but working in the publishing industry I’m quite familiar with ghost writers and exactly how much “help” they give celebs so……She eventually came up with banana pudding.


We got the girls’ school pictures back.  They had some pretty cute things, Abbi wasn’t entirely sure about it in some of hers but we certainly found plenty to buy!


Lilli had a blast in gymnastics.  She LOVES it and is constantly twirling and “flipping” around at home.  They do a lot of different circuits and have a great time.  On this night they did some rope wall climbing and when you get to the top you jump into the foam pit.


She’s on the left hand side walking backwards on a little foam balance beam.


And when they were done they just got to jump in the foam pit a few times and have some fun.  They learn things each week but also get to have a good time!


Some of the overall floor.  They win a lot of competitions and there are some fantastic gymnasts out there practicing.  I love watching the kids on the bars and the rings, but they do it all from trampoline to balance beam, vault and the big floor mat.


One night we had to head to Target so I could get a baby shower gift for a coworker.  I am already so over big coats and carseats!!! Poor Abbi is just stuffed in a coat all the time lately.


You definitely can’t let her get too close to the shelf.


Or take your eyes off Houdini for a second.


Whatever she can do to get outta that buggy and down with the toys!! I hope this girl knows she has a month to get off those tippy toes and start walking so she can walk in on Christmas morning to see what Santa brings her! It is funny to think Lilli was already walking by this point, and while Abbi is definitely close she is nowhere near as determined a kiddo as Lilli was.  She’s much happier to just hang around and be carried around everywhere, but hopefully soon we can say she’s a walker!


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