Smelling like a Flower

From Nov 18-22

Lilli and I have been doing our grocery shopping on Sunday afternoons some lately, and if she ever spies lily flowers in the floral department she’ll beg to get them.  Unlike the ghetto Kroger from our old neighborhood, you can get a nice bouquet at Harris Teeter for $4 of REAL flowers (our old Kroger always had those awful dyed flowers which I never understood – a pretty flower does NOT need food coloring!!!) So, I’ll usually indulge but a few days later I’m always asking myself why we didn’t name her after a less stinky flower.  Heavens!! But she’s always so proud of them and waits for each bloom to open.


It cracks me up that when she was little everyone swore up and down that she looked EXACTLY LIKE BRENT.  And that’s fine, but I always thought she had some resemblance to me.  And then Abbi was born.  And everyone swears she looks EXACTLY LIKE BRENT (except for two friends.) When I came across this picture before she headed to gymnastics I did actually think she looked a lot like me.


Oh sisters.  It cracks me up to hear them cackling in the back seat making each other laugh.  Lilli just feeds off of her.  And then about five minutes later they’re fighting over something and pulling hair..  We say it’s the best of times and worst of times (jokingly, of course) When Lilli cries Abbi just bawls.  It’s hilarious, except for the fact that BOTH OF THEM ARE CRYING, and usually over nothing.


Lilli is so in love with gymnastics and I wish we’d started it earlier.  I think she has some talent with it, if she’d just calm down, slow down, and focus more.  All the tumbling around has led to a lot of tumbling around the house so one night we were working on handstands against the wall (like they do in class).  So then Brent and I had to try some headstands, too.  And I won’t be posting any of those pictures!!


Gotta start them early!!


Friday night we went to our fave Noodles and Company for dinner.  We’ve never been on Friday night and it was PACKED.  Normally it’s deserted so we didn’t love all the crowd!!


We hit up Michaels to add to our Christmas decor.  With a bigger house to decorate and an extra person we needed some things! We ended up with the purple and pink trees that are in the buggy that were supposed to be for their rooms, but Lilli fought hard for the 7 foot tree that’s normally in our bedroom and won, so there’s currently a pink, glittery tree in our bedroom.


We wouldn’t have a shopping post if someone wasn’t trying something on their head, would we??


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