Sisterly Love

From Nov 22 – 25…

I snapped this pic one afternoon in the baby room.  One of the greatest privileges you can take away from Lilli is the right to go in there in the afternoon with me to pick up her sister.  She LOVES being in there and seeing the babies.  If one is getting a bottle she’ll ask if she can help, or if a baby is crying she’ll bounce them or pat their back to get them to stop, but generally she just becomes in-room entertainment for all the kiddos and has them completely enthralled in whatever show she’s putting on for them.  She particularly loves these two little girls – Ella and Ruby.  She wants me to take them home every single afternoon and thank goodness I can tell her there is no more room in our car!! I think she appreciates they can’t run/crawl away from her yet or take anything from her – they pretty much have to lay there and take whatever she gives them!!


We did a Saturday afternoon trip to Costco which is almost always a mistake.  I think we’re going to let our membership lapse because there’s just nothing we need 300 of and the crowds there are just ridiculous.  It’s never any fun, except they do have industrial size buggies good for two kids.


We followed that up with a dinner at Vittles, as part of our trying new restaurants around us plan.  It was just okay.  We deemed it pretty overpriced and slow for a very uncrowded “home cooking” type place.  Their mashed potatoes had zero taste and that alone is a reason to not go back there.  We did get free banana pudding and that was delicious! (They didn’t have enough for a full order so they just gave us what they had left for the day.)


A little sister entertainment going on….


Chip knows you do something at the back door to be let in but hasn’t quite figured out how Pippin makes it happen…..


That weekend we watched the exciting new “Sofia” movie on Disney.  She’d been counting down the days to it since they showed the promo commercial about a million times earlier in the month when she was home sick for over a week with the whole strep throat incident.  It featured Ariel in it, so that was huge for her!


Monday afternoon I had an appointment to take Abbi to get the second half of her flu shot (infants get it in two doses), and it just so happened it started snowing right as I picked them up early from school to head over for our appointment.  It was really, really coming down so we had loads of fun driving over to Green Hills in it for her appointment.  Ugh!! But, I definitely wanted her to get the second half of her shot so we’re all now in the green for our flu shots this year.  I know it can’t prevent all strains of the flu but thank goodness we at least have something going for us!


It was still snowing so heavily when we left the appointment that I knew traffic would be ridiculous – and it was.  Nothing was even sticking but it was just a nightmare.  Eventually the backseat got so quiet and Abbi had fallen asleep from all the shot trauma and Lilli had tuckered out, too.  If only I could have taken a nap, because after getting both of them in and out of the doctor and in and out of traffic to and from the visit I was MORE than ready for one.


Spaghetti night with Pig-Pen means spaghetti everywhere but in her mouth.  She even ended up with one stuck to the back of her head!!


Lilli made an “I’m thankful” book at school that was absolutely hilarious.  A lot of it involved swimming.  In this one, she’s thankful for us and we’re swimming.  And Abbi is missing because she’s still in my belly.


In this one we’re also swimming and mostly she’s just thankful Abbi has her own pool and Lilli can swim with us.  She’s not jealous at all…..And she was quick to point out that in this one we all have the same swimsuit, but in the first one Brent is wearing a normal guy swimsuit.  Maybe next summer I need to look for one that has buttons down the front.  Perhaps that’s the flattering look I need!


And in this one she’s glad for animals that don’t run from her.  Considering most animals do (since she is usually chasing them), that would be pretty exciting.  Her turkey is all kinds of awesome.


And she’s thankful for her church and her friend Audrey.  Just two pink gals, hanging out at some obscure door.

Hilarious.  This one definitely landed in the “keeper” pile.


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