Thanksgiving Prep

From November 25-27…..

Lilli basically insists I pick her up first and then we both pick up Abbi because she likes going in the baby room so much.  Most of the time Abbi will see us taking our shoes off and crawl up to the glass and start banging on it while she waits for us to head in.  This day she was also smooshing her nose up and licking the glass but I was too slow with my camera to catch it!


Lilli always has to be first in to “touch our baby first”.  And I always get a report every day of what all she saw Abbi doing as her class goes in and out past her room to the gym, roof, etc.  She’s like my mini-spy on the baby room going-ons!


For gymnastics that week Lilli wanted Brent to take her so he could watch her “and take pictures” (her words.) So the little turkey and I got some rare alone time to play and “relax” around the house.


Since it was right before Thanksgiving the class size was about half of normal, and they did all kinds of fun stuff like the zip line and bounce house, which had Brent pretty confused about whether or not she’s actually learning any gymnastics!! Lilli is actually sitting on the floor, first kid on the far left with a blonde-headed girl hugging her.  She’s quickly made buddies with several of the girls and loves going.  And I’ve really gotten to know one of the moms so I never mind when it’s my week to go because she and I get to chat and we really have a lot in common since we’re both working moms with two girls in daycare just trying to keep our heads above water!


The day before Thanksgiving I always get out of work pretty early so I picked the girls up around lunch and we grabbed some Chic Fil A and a Redbox Barbie movie and lounged around the house while we waited on Brent to get off work.  And by lounged I mostly mean Lilli since I was chasing Abbi around the playroom all afternoon.  She loves her little walker and won’t dare accept any help with it!


We had some dinner at McAlisters and picked up a few last minute things for Thanksgiving weekend.  We suddenly realized that we didn’t have enough trash cans or some other things for the bathrooms we never use! Our downstairs Master bath got cleaned for pretty much the first time since we moved in, and we had a couple of showers we’ve never used so before everyone came to stay we needed to make sure they even worked and had bathmats, towels, etc!


We had the biggest trouble getting our turkey brined.  Since we were hosting so many people we got a 21 pound turkey, and realized our canning pot was the only thing big enough to brine it in.  We thought it might react with the brine due to the type of metal, and we couldn’t find brine bags anywhere, so we used a trash bag (with no scents, etc) which is a very common practice.  We think the rosemary stems kept puncturing the bag, and we had to swap it out about three times before we ended up triple bagging the bird to keep all the brine from soaking out! At one point turkey juice splashed all over the kitchen and we were about to pitch that bird out the back door….but luckily we finally sorted it all out (and that bird was totally worth it in the end!)


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