Thanksgiving Part 2

More from Thanksgiving Weekend….

After Brent’s family all left and headed to their homes, we had some leftovers and then Brent and I headed out with Bruce and Suzy to do some Black Thanksgiving/Friday shopping.  Was there anything we saw in the ads that we wanted? Well, not really.  Did we want to take advantage of free babysitting/dog-sitting? Yes.  There were some things Bruce and Suzy wanted, so we rode along and did a lot of window shopping and picked up a few things.  They wanted to got to Walmart, and we couldn’t believe the crowd there.  I think their sale started at 6, and when we got there at 6:30 pm the lot had overflowed into Kohls next door (that didn’t open until later) and up the side of the street and into a car sales lot.  It was NUTS.  We dropped Brent and Suzy while Bruce and I circled for a spot.


Inside the store was just wall to wall people.  And with all the sales starting so early, a ton of kids and families were there which just made it more chaotic and crowded than all of the middle of the night sales.  I think I really preferred setting the alarm and heading out at 2 or 3 in the morning to wait for stores to open at 4 or 5.  There was just more adventure to that.


They got what they came for, and we found a few good deals for the girls and then Suzy wanted to go to Opry Mills for the Vera Bradley outlet.  It really wasn’t crowded, but the news crews were there and we walked behind one live broadcast around 10 pm.  We mostly split up in the mall since Suzy had to wait in line to get into the Vera store, and that’s not my style.  Brent and I did some shopping around the mall and I got some new things for me at H&M and we of course found a few things at Disney for Lilli.


I think Bruce mostly enjoyed the massage chair at Bed, Bath and Beyond.


We got home around 1 in the morning and the dogs announced our arrival to all.  And around 2 Abbi started fussing about her new tooth and kept us up on and off the entire rest of the night.  Good times.

The next day was sunny and bright and the Three Amigos got some sun on the deck.


At one point our playroom looked like this and I thought we might just have to move.


The guys did some black Friday shopping in the morning while us ladies went in the afternoon and swapped off kid/dog duties.  We got the best deal since Abbi only takes one nap a day around late morning – early afternoon.


That afternoon the guys did some major repairs to most of our junky exterior doors.  We’ve got some door fixing to do up here before long! But, Bruce made some major improvements to our doors that have them working MUCH better.


Abbi really bonded with her fur cousin Chloe.


Bruce found a way to waste some money on the tiniest pool table ever…..

<more Thanksgiving to come>


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