Christmas Shopping

Also from December 7th….

After the Santa Visit/Library activities, we ran over to the Hallmark that’s right by our house (LOVE having one close by!! Maybe in 2014 we can actually mail out birthday cards again!!) for our annual Hallmark ornament pics for the year.  The last couple of years we’ve waited too late for lots of good choices, so we wanted to be ahead on that one this year.

We started that tradition with Lilli her very first Christmas in 2009 (but somehow it never made it to the blog), continued it in 2010, in 2011 she made it extra memorable by peeing in the floor and having her only public accident EVER, and last year we barely snuck it in before Christmas.  Now she really remembers doing it each year and has a lot of fun decorating her tree so she was really excited to have mostly free reign in picking whatever she wants.  Each year I write what year she picked it on the box and we keep them all together, and one year when she leaves home (not that we’re counting down….) she can take them all with her and have a good start on filling up a tree!


Of course they had a blast touching everything and had an older lady laughing at them as Lilli had her baby sister just cackling with laughter and all of the ornaments that were singing and making noise.


She ultimately picked out the ballerina.  Considering she didn’t like ballet, and that there were a ton of Disney and Princess ones left, it was a little surprising but it was definitely what she wanted and she looked through all the ornaments and was set on this one.


Little sis just wanted to touch them ALL, so we steered her towards some Disney ones to at least narrow it down.


She grabbed for Sebastian several times, and since Little Mermaid is huge in this house we figured that would be a good choice for her first ornament.  We also got the Baby’s first Christmas ones and a New House one for us.  And Lilli wanted the Elf on the Shelf ornament to give her Elf to take home to Santa.


Abbi’s first Hallmark ornament – Sebastian.  It’s a “magic” one that sings Under the Sea.  It always reminds me of our stay at Disney and the nightly music/light show outside our room!


And of course we had to get them their first Sisters ornament!! Love it! Probably my favorite new ornament on our tree this year.  One day they can fight over who gets to keep it.


That evening we headed out to the mall to do some shopping.  It was ridiculous!! Lilli and I tore it up in Bath and Body Works getting Christmas gifts for her teachers and new holiday soap for all our bathrooms (a big task!!!) and we were in there forever.  Brent and Abbi people watched.  We got comments about their cute outfits all night!


And we promised Lilli before we left that she could ride the carousel.  And for the first time (since she was awake!) little sis got to ride too! At first she wasn’t so sure about it, but she eventually warmed up to it and seemed to like it.


Welcome to double the expense of mall carousel rides!! Definitely got to remember our “frequent rider” card to save up for the free rides!


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