Special Award!

From December 8 – 11….

Pippin knows who his best friend should be right now, and she definitely doesn’t disappoint in dropped food….


Ethan entertaining the girls after church one morning.  Lilli pretty much got assaulted by a bunch of the kids that day for touching and carrying around her elf but she held strong to hers still having magic and being more special than the others.  She definitely didn’t back down!!


I took her to a classmates jumpy party that afternoon.  They made the mistake of opening presents there and it was INSANE.  You can’t even see the birthday boy for the mob attacking him.  At one point Lilli was up in the chair with him.  It just doesn’t work out well at this age, and it’s exactly why we don’t open presents at her party!  They see toys and they’re like wild animals.


Just trucking around, refusing to walk.


Nothing in the garage is safe from the cats! They’re crazy little animals.


We get the slightest little dusting of snow and schools closed.  Daycare was open, but next year I definitely don’t look forward to these crazy snow days.


Roads were perfectly fine.  There wasn’t even enough for a tiny snowman.


That night at gymnastics they had their “awards”.  All the kiddos got medals and got to stand up in front of their class and receive it while the parents clapped and took pictures.


It was very fast and I really only got a couple of awkward in motion shots of her.  She was very proud of her “special medal”.


Her elf one morning – reading a book under one of Abbi’s little blankets with Abbi’s cell phone nearby.  Lilli thought it was hilarious!


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