From December 12 – 15….

Brent and I love to have fun “Date Day”s where we can drop Lilli off at school and go out shopping, have a nice lunch out and just have some fun while the rest of the world is working.  We did one of those on the 12th and even though we all rode together Lilli never questioned what was going on.  Hilarious!! After we dropped them off, we headed back out to Brentwood and had breakfast at First Watch.  It’s a breakfast/lunch cafe near us (that we had no clue was a chain) that is ALWAYS packed out on the weekends with a line out the door (so we’d clearly never wait to get in with our two wild girls).  They have a menu with lots of fresh stuff and I got a really good bacon and avocado omelet.   We did some shopping but were absolutely shocked how busy and crowded everything was on Thursday well before most people should be taking off for the holiday.  We ultimately decided we were sick of the crowds, prices online for Christmas gifts were better than the stuff in the stores, and that we would love some quiet time in our house without our kids, so we headed home after lunch at Zoe’s Kitchen and watched some TV and drank cappuccinos in peace and quiet!! A RARE treat for sure!!


Batman and Robin.  How cute are they???


We found the Robin PJs early in fall at Target but Lilli didn’t like the “boy” Batman ones and we finally found her the purple ones.  Thank goodness because this was way too cute to pass on!


We let Lilli pick our eating destination and she pretty much always picks Wendy’s (or Panera).  Ours has a Kids night on Monday that we’re going to have to check out because they always do cute crafts and have them displayed.


This girl can seriously put away some chicken nuggets with her three teeth.  So far we haven’t really found many foods she doesn’t like.


On Saturday morning we woke up to a chilly house and an upstairs dead furnace.  It was OLD and definitely not safe – and original to the house 28 years ago! We were hoping it would die during this one year home warranty period, and we did get it replaced for very little cost to us.  Hurray!! Our house really never got very chilly, we kept the downstairs a little warmer and the heat would rise at night.  It never got below 68-69 even though we had some very chilly nights, and by Thursday of the following week the new one came in and was installed.  Our heating bills are less than half of what we paid in East Nashville for the old money pit for a house TWICE the size with two units running.  It’s pretty wild.

These three had an exciting Saturday morning playing and watching Chip use the bathroom in the yard.


Once she tore herself away from all that excitement, I took Lilli on a date to see Frozen, the new Disney princess movie about two sisters.  It was really SO cute.  I would definitely see it again, and I can’t wait for Abbi to be older and go to movies so we can all go together again!


Now she remembers that we always look for the poster for photo opps!




The lobby was CRAZY when we left.  I think the new Hobbit movie had just come out.  I was so glad we went to the 2 pm show when it wasn’t nearly this packed!!


On Sunday the girls were cute in their matching Gymboree gingerbread girl dresses and we thought we’d try some family Christmas card shots.  They turned out AWFUL.  We are not capable of posing and everyone looking and appearing semi-normal.  We tried some groups but it just wasn’t looking comfortable.


Most of them looked about like this.  Definitely not card-worthy.


Kind of okay.  At least you can’t always tell what’s a cry or a smile….


That afternoon I took Lilli to another school friend’s birthday party at Shipwrecked Playhouse.  They had a blast and us moms also had a good time chatting and catching up since it had been a whole week since the last birthday party we’d all been to.


Sunday evening was luminary night in Brentwood.  We’re all given white sacks, sand and candles to line the streets for that evening.  Brent put ours out while Lilli and I were at the party.  Luckily had the cats to help him.  Or mostly just lay in the road because that’s clearly the best spot to take a nap.


And that night when they were all lit –

They looked so pretty and we drove around for a little while to enjoy the lights around the neighborhood.  With a baby who doesn’t care much for the car, and a 4-yr old who would rather be playing on the Ipad, we didn’t do a lot of Christmas light driving this year!! Maybe next year….


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