Christmas Carols (Bah Humbug!)

From December 16th – 18th….

Who loves spaghetti night?? She does!


Playing trains with my little buddy on a Tues night when Lilli wanted Brent to take her to gymnastics.  This girl looooves the train table.


Lilli’s school did their annual “caroling” program for downtown workers again this year.  After last year, I had little to no expectation of her actually singing in it or being excited about it.  For weeks she’d asked me if I could “get her out of it” and she’d already told me that morning that her part was to stand and then eat a cookie.

I met her in the classroom and helped walk them around the block and up to the church steps, right as we got to the top she pulled away and I was helping one of her friends to the stairs.  I thought she was also heading up there, but when I turned to help her I couldn’t see her anywhere.  I finally spotted her heading back the way we had came, heading back to daycare.  One of the other moms spun her back in the right direction, and I could tell she was very close to melting down so I promised her a new My Little Pony that afternoon if she would just stand there.  I already had one in the closet for her for Christmas, so I figured this would just be an early payoff.


The parent paparazzi.


Clearly she didn’t perk up or get into the performance.  But, I’m just glad she didn’t end up crying or coming off the stage.  I can deal with sullen and grouchy.


The joy of Christmas!


You can’t tell it,but she did slightly perk up towards the end, and her lips are EVER so slightly moving along with Jingle Bells.


I promised her I’d stay and eat lunch with her afterwards so I packed us two lunches and she had a blast having me join her and her friends.  The conversation is always entertaining.  All I know is that I at least get a break from watching one of my kids whimper on the church steps next year since Lilli will be in kindergarten and Abbi won’t be out there until she’s almost three.


That evening we went out to Party City to look at birthday party stuff for both girls, and clearly this happened while I was shopping.  I’m still surprised we don’t have lice.


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