Christmas Baking

From December 23rd and 24th…

Brent took the 23rd off work but needed to run in and drop a few things off.  Lilli went with him, primarily so she can play a few minutes of ping pong….she really thinks we have tough jobs.  Brent plays Ping Pong and I “play on the computer” all day.


She helped me make some dough for our Christmas cookies.


We were lazy and hung out on the couch watching TV and playing with Ipads while Abbi napped.  While the baby sleeps….the rest of us REST.


And we had a little Italian out at a neighborhood restaurant.


On Christmas Eve we got up and enjoyed some pancakes.


Abbi definitely enjoyed shoveling a few in….


Afterwards it was time to start making cookies!! The girls sorted through our cookie cutters and then came in to start working.  Abbi cracks me up – the girl grabbed her walker and was just running behind Lilli.  Hilarious to watch!


Little Stinker.  Photobomb!!!


Lilli is such an old pro at this.  We’ve been doing this together every year since her first Christmas.  (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012).  She really doesn’t need any help!


She was not excited about getting flour on her – her Elf gave her these pajamas and she had basically decided she was going to live in them.  Over the holidays she really became a pajama bum – the total opposite of the dress up princess she used to be all the time!


Little sister wasn’t as enthusiastic about the process as big sister was.


Cheesing for the camera.


Slightly normal faces…those hanging kitchen lights have GOT to go.  We are hoping to do something major with this kitchen and soon!! It drives me crazy to cook in there, it was clearly designed by people who never cooked at home.  The only thing at all that I miss about our old house was our gourmet kitchen (that we built!)


All the ladies “working”….


We made a little tray for Abbi to try and decorate.


The only thing she wanted to do with the sprinkles was try and eat them – she definitely shares a love of sprinkles with her big sis.


So we helped her shake a few sprinkles and then just let her play in them.  She didn’t mind.


Abbi’s finished cookies for Santa.


Lilli very meticulously decorated her cookies – some for Santa, Mrs Clause, her Elf and then one for each of us.  She basically wiped me out of all my holiday sprinkles, and most of the Princess ones.


Her finished cookies.  She was very proud of her “sparkly” cookies!


A close up.  You can see why I always get excited if I find sprinkles on clearance…..


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