Christmas Eve….

The rest of Christmas Eve…

Brent took Lilli out to do some shopping and pick out some gifts for me.  Of course she wanted to go Target! One of the things she wanted to get me was jewelry, and she did a great job picking out things I like.  After we opened presents she told me one of the bracelets she got me was from the ads she had cut out at school, and sure enough when I went through the stack of art she brings home she had cut out that exact bracelet for me!! Such a smart girl!


Her wrapping this year was literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  Brent gave her plain white paper and she drew and wrote out each person’s name/picture, and her giving them the present.  Cutest.thing.ever.


This one has all of us (humans) on it.  Her on the left giving the present, Abbi on the floor and Brent and I.  We took lots of pictures of her gifts because they were all so stinking cute.


We let her open one present on Christmas Eve to play with because she was about to burst.  We steered her towards picking the Tummy Stuffer she’d seen on TV and been dying for.  (You can stuff things in its stomach, it will hold about a small blanket and that’s all).  She was clearly excited!


And promptly tried to stuff her sister first.


She knew Christmas Eve would be the last day with her Elf before she’d head back to the North Pole for the year.  She was really sad about it, and that Elf was by her side all day.  We even had to make a small piece of our homemade pizza for the Elf.


Our Christmas Eve tradition is popping popcorn in the fancy popcorn maker and watching Polar Express.  She loves when we get this one out! I admit, it’s a lot of fun to watch and do, not as much fun to clean up!! So only using it a few times a year for special occasions is perfect!


Afterwards we showed her the free Santa videos I had signed us up for again this year, one for her and one for Abbi.  It tells her she’s been a good girl and says a few special things about her and her year.  It’s definitely a good motivator for getting her ready to get in bed, and STAY in bed.


And we did our traditional reading of the Night Before Christmas. (2010, 2011, 2012).  We did read it in 2009, I guess we just didn’t do as many pictures or post them.  It was definitely chaos, and to even get Abbi to stay in place snacks were involved.  So then a big sister fit was throw for snacks, too.  Such is the life.


Of course Pippin wanted to hear, too.  I laugh when people tell us how “photogenic” we are.  I think we just take a lot of pictures and know how to edit.


Finally it was time to leave milk and cookies for Santa.


Instead of Pippin getting into the cookies this year we had Abbi to do that for us.  And naturally Lilli flipped out because each cookie had a note detailing who it was for.  But we wrestled them away from the baby and got both girls to sleep.  Santa’s elves had a LOT of work to do…


And about 1:30 in the morning the elves finished their work and everything was ready for Christmas morning! Note to self – huge dollhouses take hours to put together.


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