Christmas Day 2013

From December 25, 2013:

Santa finished delivery toys around 1:30 in the morning.  Perhaps next year he’ll think of things that don’t require a lot of assembly.  The one and only thing Lilli had asked for was front and center: “a pretend girl snake”.  It does turn out that they make those! Good job Santa.  And Amazon, who have everything.


Thankfully we’re not in that up and early for Christmas stage (yet) so Lilli woke up at 7:30 like she always does, and we woke up Abbi so she could enjoy everything too (big mistake, that girl needs her beauty sleep!) Lilli ran in and didn’t know what to do with all the surprises and huge Barbie house, and Abbi headed straight for the TV remote and anything else breakable in the living room (that we rarely let her spend more than 5 minutes in for re:all things breakable and no toys).    Lilli looked over all her big Santa gifts and then started tearing through all our stockings for us.


Lilli was so excited about her new dollhouse and I think she’ll enjoy it for years!


And Abbi was happy about her new stroller/walker and took it out for a spin…


and waved Goodbye to us as she trucked outta there.  She is a waving maniac.


We typically open other presents later in the day, but Lilli just couldn’t handle it so we let her start tearing into those, too.  She was pretty amped about one of her beloved My Little Ponies from us.


And so excited watching us open the presents she had picked out for us!


She has to use a stepstool to get to the top floor of the house – that thing is 4 feet tall and made by KidKraft.  Excellent quality and I got a great deal on Amazon.


Waking up Abbi early meant an early nap for Miss FussyBritches, she we enjoyed our simple chicken alfredo lunch without her.  We like Italian food for Christmas, something simple and yummy and non-traditional.


We took the cats their gifts and let them open those outside…


The dollhouse was enjoyed by ALL of us for about 10 hours straight….


We definitely enjoyed some cappuccinos that afternoon.  Lilli absolutely loves a cappuccino.  She is the definition of Fancy.  And no, we don’t leave our PJs on Christmas.  Christmas Day is for relaxing and unwinding from the stress and all the activity of the season!  It was the perfect Christmas!


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