From December 26th and 27th….

Brent and I also took off the 26th to have a little extra time at home.  I believe this was the third day in a row Lilli wore nothing but these PJs, because her Elf had given them to her.

The girls are definitely starting to play together more, and we really look forward to when they “play” and it’s less of Abbi taking them and jamming them down her pie hole, and more of them actually interacting and using their imaginations together.  But for now, they can get into some rough housing.


The sillier Lilli get, the more entertained Abbi is.  It’s kind of a win-lose, because she can be SILLY.


Finally after some threats and orders, we pried Lilli out of those pajamas and got out of the house to check out Target’s after Christmas clearance.  Abbi was pretty excited about all the princess wrap and pink glittery Christmas things I scored for next year.  We were excited that her fourth bottom tooth is starting to come in and she won’t be so asymmetrical.


Every day we’ve been passing a billboard advertising the big Ice! show at the Opryland Hotel, where these ice carving masters come in and make giant sculptures and it’s really cold and you wear blue parkas and look at the cold ice displays with a million of your closest tourist friends.  Lilli has been dying to see it, and that’s not our cup of tea and we really knew it wouldn’t be Abbi’s, so Brent’s parents offered to take Lilli and her bigger cousins.  She packed up and get ready for her first big sleepover with them.  She was a little nervous about it, and the day before kept repeating to me that “If I want to see Ice, I just have to do it. And I’ve got to see Ice.” Ha!


But once she was with Madison she didn’t have any worries and had a great time hanging out and being a big kid without little sis putting a damper on things.


Don’t cry for little sis.  She got to do some TJMaxx shopping with us and loved the attention.  I couldn’t believe how easy it felt to be out with just one, even if it is the one who poops her pants and throws all her food on the floor.


Lilli is a great eater and will eat something on most every menu except Indian.  So we took Abbi out to a nice Indian restaurant with candles on the table and white tablecloths.  Perhaps she’s not ready for real candles yet.  And did I mention the tip we left for all the rice on the floor? Yeah…..


And we hit up Michaels for some clearance Christmas as well.  Mandatory headwear shot.


The next day while Brent and I were working and Abbi was at school, Lilli got to adventure around Opry Mills and even talked the grandparents into a Build a Bear.


And lunch at Rainforest.


And finally she got to see Ice! Mostly she has said she liked it, and it was cold.


And then her grand adventure was over, she came home, told us “she forgot all the rules” and the poor thing slept with her head on the table during the entire dinner at McAlisters.  Poor thing can’t handle her sleepover! HA! But with a good night’s sleep she was back to herself and ready for her next adventures.


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