Fun Times with Friends….

From December 28th-30th…

On Saturday the 28th we had fun plans to go over to our friends Adam and Julia’s house for dinner, so Lilli helped me make this delicious chocolate cake “thing” that afternoon.  You bake your cake and poor evap milk all over it, then cool Whip and Orea and candy cane crumbles on top.  It was so good! And totally not on our “diet” plan now…..oh the good times….


We also made some Jello Jigglers for her and Ella Kate Roses to enjoy.


Lilli had been looking forward to seeing her friend all week.  She’s so hilarious, anytime we mention getting together with Ella she always gets excited and tells me “she’s her best friend”.  She also loves that she’s getting bigger and bigger and doesn’t have “just baby toys”.  I think she was quite the influence on her younger pal during the Jello phase of dinner.


We tried to get the three girls to pose.  Abbi the crawling machine doesn’t stay still much for group pictures, but this one is pretty cute! It does seem like just the other day that Lilli was meeting her little buddy for the first time.  It also makes me laugh to think that some families look like this and they could be sisters – an almost 5 year old, almost 3 year old and an almost 1 year old.  Mercy, I would lose my mind!!


Abbi headed outta there….


The big girls had a great time playing.  Unfortunately this tent was the victim of their good time.  You would think it could survive tumbling across the room with the girls inside.  Obviously not manufactured in America…….


So cute!!!


Sunday after church we ran to get their birthday party invitations and some quick lunch and I just felt terrible.  I think the constant shift in temperatures up and down got me, and I had a terrible headache.  Before I even changed I just stretched out and laid down for a little while.  Lilli kept bringing me all her favorite stuffed animals and asked Brent how to write “I Love You” and Abbi was obviously concerned about me, too!


I felt fine after my short nap and later took Lilli to the grocery store with me.  She loves to blow the change she earns for being a good listener and help on old stale gum and plastic rings.


Our stylish fashionista.  What in the world?? I had left these clothes as her extra ones at school and she somehow messed up whatever she was wearing and came home looking like THIS.  I really didn’t intend for these to be paired TOGETHER.


That night we redeemed the free tickets Brent’s brother had given us for the Jellystone lights.  The line wasn’t bad at all and it really was a lot of fun.  Lilli oohed and aahed and thankfully Abbi napped.  It was set to music via the radio and took us probably about 20 minutes to drive through.


It really is a ton of lights, it’s hard to capture on camera how impressive it was.  I’m not sure it would have been $25 impressive without our free tickets, but I’m glad we went!


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