New Years Eve

From December 31st…

It’s been a busy, busy month with both of the girls’ birthdays and so much partying and cake and of course we’ve all been sick (Abbi – RSV and double ear infection, Lilli – double ear infection and me – sinus infection) so it’s been hard to keep up the blog lately.  Between their two parties we entertained/fed/celebrated with 82 people over the last 8 days.  INSANE!!! But thankfully we made it and both girls had wonderful birthdays!

But rewinding back to the last day of the year…

They kicked off the morning with some dollhouse playtime.  This picture looks awfully sweet but I can guarantee they were pulling hair, elbows in the face and lots of crying and whining was taking place.


Brent took Lilli out to do some errands and treated her to Dunkin Donuts along with all of Franklin.  They had a crazy line and most of our usual picks were all gone! Everyone (like us) was getting in that last sugar fix of the year before starting clean in January….


The cats enjoyed the pretty day.  They are experts at lounging.


95% of the time Pippin comes back from doing his business Chip is with him asking to come inside.  It’s hilarious.  Chip is his shadow all over the yard.


I think we might have to start calling them “the cats” because I think they’ve outgrown kitten status.


We made a run to Publix for a fun little appetizer menu for our New Years Eve at home.  We don’t mind staying in and off the roads, and we prefer our kids to go to bed at the regular time so we can enjoy some peace and quiet and RELAX.  So they don’t know a lot about New Years but we explained a little bit more about it this year.

Letting your sister bite you is all fun and games until she has more than 3 teeth.


Cracking each other up.


We bought a few fun things to play with for New Years including some glasses and hats, and a few little poppers to dress up with.  Lilli took the colored glasses very seriously.


She’s asking if she can stay up until midnight next year…..


“Baby New Year”, getting ready to say goodbye to the year she was born and hello to her first new year!


Abbi thought all our decor was hilarious.  The girls went to bed at 8 pm like usual and Brent and I propped our feet up and watched some TV and barely made it to midnight ourselves.  One year we’ll celebrate with these girls in NYC but for now we’ll just practice with our hats and glasses until they’re old enough for that type of trip to be fun!


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