Kicking off the New Year

From January 1 – 3….

We kicked off the New Year with a little shopping and celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary at Blue Coast Burrito with the kids.  Totally fancy, I know! But, it’s winter and after the holidays and in the midst of all their birthday preparations we decided to wait and do something bigger to celebrate later this year.  It’s practically tradition for us to eat there on our anniversary anyway! (2012 ).


While we were out shopping we ran in Bed, Bath and Beyond to get a chin-up bar for a workout program we started this year, and I saw this Hello Kitty gingerbread house on clearance.  All season long she’d been wanting a gingerbread house, but they’re always expensive and never actually taste good or provide more than an hour of entertainment, so I’d help off.  But at 75% off this one became a lot more interesting!


And the fact that it was a Hello Kitty PINK one made it even better! We put it together while Abbi napped, and then when we took a bite decided it “tasted like nothing”. HA!


It’s hard to even remember any days this winter mild enough for us to play outside without jackets, but I guess New Years Day was one! We got the trikes and bikes out and did some laps up and down the street.  Dale is hilarious – he literally follows us up and down and walks with us like a dog.  And he’s not a bit afraid of dogs! He wouldn’t move out of the way of one being walked on a leash, and completely stood his ground at a different dog out in the yard doing his business.  Hopefully deep down they realize all dogs aren’t as friendly as Pippin.


My cooking assistant, getting serious shredding some Ginger for Asian noodle bowls.


Abbi loves the garage on the dollhouse.  Lilli occasionally tolerates her getting to play with it.


On Friday night we took dinner over to our friends Katie and Bevan to meet baby Willow.  Willow was born right before Thanksgiving and with the holidays and random colds we’d had we had not been to see her yet.  They invited us to stay and eat with them and we had such a good time! Abbi even got to christen Willow’s high chair and she fell in love with their dogs (no surprise for our little animal lover!!)


We had such a good time with them laughing and hearing stories of their first days as parents and it so fun to see our “little sis” Katie as a new mom.  And we love that they live really close to us, so we’ll definitely be getting all our little girls together more often!

Me and Willow – who has grown a ton since this picture earlier this month!!


All of us, except camera man Brent.  Lilli was of course acting a fool.  She loves Bevan and followed him around all night, and every time Willow needed a diaper change she was all up in it.  They played the Frozen soundtrack while we ate dinner and then had Despicable Me 2 on, so Lilli was in heaven at their house.  And isn’t it wild how ENORMOUS Abbi looks in comparison to 6 or 7 week old Willow??


Just us girls, minus Lilli who wouldn’t pose.


And the boys and little girls.  We had so much fun and can’t wait to hang out again soon.


And Chip and his “bed”.  He loves to sleep in this old cooler, I guess it helps him keep optimal body temps on the cold nights. HA! Our cats are a mess.


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