Celebrating Abbi, Part 1

From January 12 – 17th….

That Sunday was definitely Lilli’s worst day with her cold.  The poor thing never moved off the couch, and her nose just ran constantly.  She used about an entire box of Kleenex that day, and I picked up several new movies for her at the library, along with an assortment of over the counter cold stuff to see what worked best.  Brent thought my assortment as I made us a quiche for dinner was rather humorous and he wasn’t quite sure what all I put in that dinner….


Sad little runny, red nose.  This cold junk has been fierce and we’ve just kept trading it around and around.


Someone’s hair is getting so “long”.


Abbi loves when Chip is hanging out at the back door.  She really loves all our animals!!


Typically in the infant room, for birthdays parents will bring things like muffins that are a little easier to eat and not as messy as cupcakes.  Lilli helped me make some chocolate chip muffins to take to Abbi’s room.


I walked down and let Lilli come in to enjoy Abbi’s “party”.  Abbi thought seeing her sister in one of the little chairs was hilarious!! Abbi is now the oldest kiddo in her class, one girl had just finished moving up, and a little boy close in age to her moved away at the end of the year.  The rest of the kids are a few months younger, so none of them were able to enjoy any muffin snacks, so the kiddos from the other infant class who are older came in and parties with us.  So that at least gave her two other buddies (besides sister) to sit at the table with her!! And she was styling in her “First Birthday” onesie I found at a consignment sale!


I think she ate about 4-5 muffins! This girl LOVES her food!!


Some of her party friends enjoying a special snack! Now that she’s one, she sits in a real wooden chair and also sleeps on a mat.  They grow up so fast!


Lilli absolutely loves being in the infant room and seeing the babies.  She ran around the whole time taking pictures of all the babies and making faces with them, and she wanted to take a picture of Abbi, me and Mrs Misti, one of Abbi’s afternoon teachers.  It’s a great one of Misti and I but she couldn’t get the birthday girl to look!


So then Misti took a picture of us.  Pretty cute, but Wylie crying in the background is kind of hilarious!! Poor guy!!


That evening we had a lot to do to start getting ready for Abbi’s big party.  We had a quick dinner at McAlisters, where we got this teenage face from Lilli when we explained the song on the radio was Janet Jackson, Michael’s little sister.  She loves MJ, and it blew her mind to hear he had a sibling singer.  Just wait until we talk about the Jackson Five….


And we had to stop by Publix for all the cupcakes and other party food goodies, and I was the good mom who got the big car buggie.  Oh the bliss!!

Up next…..Abbi’s birthday!! Our girl is ONE!


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