Abbi’s First Birthday!

From January 18th…

We were so happy that Abbi’s first birthday was on a Saturday, and we could have her party and celebrate her on her actual first birthday.  I guess that’s another pro of the planned C-section from a year earlier….

Brent and I were up pretty late getting a few things ready for her party, and then remembered we’d need to have the birthday fairy visit.  It’s not that Abbi would notice she didn’t come, but more for Lilli’s benefit, especially with her birthday coming six days later!!

Since she’s little we just did a few helium balloons around her room.  Lilli was DEFINITELY excited to wake her up and show them to her, and we could tell that Abbi thought they were pretty cool, too!


Big sister had a good time playing with them and really had Abbi cackling about it……


We handed Abbi one of the balloons and she thought they were so fun! This may have been one of the first times she’s really played with a balloon…


She was having so much fun watching Lilli….


And then we remembered we should swap it out to a pink one.  I love this sweet little pic, I think it’s going to be a “framer”.  Birthday girl!!


The rest of the day up until her 4 pm party was a huge blur! There was so much to be done getting everything arranged for the party and hanging decorations, etc.  It didn’t seem like it would be such a huge task since we do have house cleaners and were having it catered, but according to my Fitbit I absolutely never stopped moving that day!! I very quickly remembered why we haven’t had a “home” birthday party in years!! It’s so much nicer just showing up somewhere else with all your “stuff”.


We kept the decorations pretty simple.  I love all the poofy rosette stuff that’s all over Pinterest, so I bought some of those kits on Amazon and we hung them all over the house along with some recycled 1st birthday items from Lilli’s first birthday and a few new ones I bought.


We put some card tables alongside our kitchen table for lots of space for the cupcakes and drink table, and had the island all clear for Chic Fil A.  Originally I wanted to do a brunch party with Puffy Muffin catering, but Abbi absolutely LOVES Chic Fil A, so once she developed her own tastes we just had to go with them!


We moved our little bistro table into the office and pulled in the art piece Brent had done for Abbi’s nursery with our giraffe family (it’s gray with the yellow chevron look we have in Abbi’s room, and the 4 of us plus Pippin are represented).  We had our invitation for signing along with some pics of Abbi and our goodie bags.  I bought cute little canvas bags on Amazon and had candy, bubbles, some small toys, animal crackers and handmade crayons in the shape of giraffes I had ordered from Etsy in there.  I had meant to put a note with the crayons, because they did look a lot like chocolate, but I **thought** I warned everyone.  I know I missed one person because the next morning I heard one of our friends sampled it.  Oops!


I think every good party needs to have some sort of activity, especially when you’re mixing friends from different places (we had school, church and “other” friends all mixed together).  I wanted to do something interactive with the kiddos, but with the majority being under 1, that makes it a bit hard.  Just a few days before the party I found Ready Set Yoga out of Murfreesboro and saw they come to homes for parties.  They were fantastic to work with and reasonably priced.  They got there as the party guests were arriving (with this many young kids it takes a while….) and we were able to push back our playroom furniture and have a space plenty big enough for all the mats to be in a circle.


We all got started and they had us introduce each kiddo and we sang a little song in the circle to each kid.  It was amazing how mesmerized they all were, for the half hour class not a single kiddo cried or fussed.  Pretty amazing when you’re talking about 15 kids, with I believe 10 of them being 1 and under!


This side of the room had Edie (a school friend), Charlotte and Sam (church friends), Max and Hank represented (church friends), and the two yoga instructors.  To just keep it manageable, what we’ve decided to do is only invite her classmates and for Lilli’s parties invite her classmates as well, instead of crossing over into other friends.  In total we had 36 people in attendance, which was a great size for our house.


A big view of the group doing yoga.  We did lots of fun stretches, songs and poses.  It was so much fun and something Abbi and I had never done before.  I think all the moms had a great time, too!


Our side of the room had Julia and Ella (Ella Kate Roses), Madison and Lilli (who mostly watched but did participate a little), Katie and Willow, Abbi and myself, Katherine, Danika and Kennedy (from church), Wylie and his mom (from school) and then Jack and his mom (also from school).  We had about half of Abbi’s class from school come out to join us, and two other kiddos ended up sick that day and had to cancel.


I have no clue what Katherine and I are laughing about here but I love it! For a few things Abbi was in the middle as birthday girl, and they encouraged the kids to crawl around and just do whatever they felt like doing to engage.  They were REALLY great with the kids.


We had lots of different little lifts here, you could definitely feel the burn sometimes swinging them around, but the kids LOVED it.  Lots of giggles and smiles.


Abbi with her little buddies…So many babies!


They had a little bubble song at the end, that all the bigger babies LOVED, and then all of us moms got foot massages – which we loved!! They did a fantastic job and I’d definitely recommend them or use them again in the future!


All the men hung around in the kitchen making new friends and chatting during yoga.  Props to all the dads that came!


The moms and Brent got Chic Fil A all squared away and set up for us, so that as soon as yoga was over we could eat some dinner! We got it all – wraps, chicken salad sandwiches and plenty of nuggies and strips (along with healthy fruit and veg).  It was SO good, as always!!


Lilli and Madison.  She had a blast with her cousin during the party.


We love our new house and all the space we have for entertaining.  We easily hosted everyone between the sunroom, dining room and living room.  This house is fantastic for us.


Madison entertaining the birthday girl….


Love this picture of Adam, Julia and Ella with Abbi! They have been at EVERY SINGLE birthday party for our girls!!! That is SIX parties now!!! That’s a pretty amazing perfect attendance rate.


The birthday girl wasn’t super interested in cake.  She did have an animal cracker, after all.


But like with any food she’s given, she will just slowly eat it and pack it all away.  I wasn’t surprised at all that she just started eating it at her own pace.  This girl is an eater, she eats it all and usually twice as much as Lilli.  We wait on her every night to finish eating.


Just chilling and eating.


Abbi had a fantastic first birthday and we’re so glad for the house full of people who were able to come out and celebrate her with us!  I wish we had gotten more pictures of the party guests and all the other babies, but I guess that’s just what happens with the second baby.  Maybe next year!!!


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