A Year of Abbi

From January 19th….

On our way home from church we started talking about the viral “What does the Fox say” thing that’s been going around YouTube and I made the mistake of watching it on my phone.  At first I just didn’t get it, but Lilli was instantly hooked, and about 40 replays later, What Does the Fox say has become a household staple.  It was loved by all, under the age of 5.


I had ordered an adorable dress off of Etsy for Abbi, and originally thought she should wear it to her party, but since she was still crawling more often than walking at her party, and with the fun yoga I wanted her to be comfortable so she wore it to church the next day instead.  While I was fixing lunch I had Brent take some nice photos of her, most of which the animals photo bombed and I’ve shared a lot of those on Facebook already.  Our cats are a mess.

Since I’ve done a terrible job of documenting her milestones each month, I’ll try to use this email to sum up Miss Abigail Rose at one year.

Abbi is our happy little sunshine.  I don’t know where the blonde hair and blue eyes come from, but you’re a little sister all your own.  You squeal when you see Lilli and I coming to get you in the afternoons, but after one good ole pouncing from your sister you’re ready to keep exploring whatever you’re into.  You don’t look a thing like your big sister, and how shown us exactly how different you can be.  We went through bottles of gripe water with Lilli, but with you our general saying is “Abbi don’t care”, and it’s true.  You’re happy with whatever the gang is doing and rarely fuss or cry as long as you can explore.  You really are a happy baby in all the senses of the word.


You love, love, love our animals.  Pippin and the cats might rank higher than us.  And that’s a good thing because these animals are everywhere! Your words are Momma, Dadda, Dog, Cat, and That.  Hopefully soon you’ll have something for Sissy/Lilli!


Waving is your favorite.  If we’re talking too long in any situation you’ll just start waving as your semi-polite way of telling us it’s time to go.  You can also do high fives and are pointing.


You love food.  All of it, and then some more of it.  I can’t think of too many things you don’t like, some things are just still hard to chew with limited teeth.  We use all kinds of peer pressure in getting Lilli to eat thanks to sister and her fine eating habits.  We had grilled cheeses and soup recently and Abbi ate 1.5 sandwiches to Lilli’s half.  You like chicken, steak, all lunch meats, PB&J, pasta, carrots, and basically anything you can get in your pie hole.  You LOVE watermelon, which costs me about three million dollars a week since it’s not in season.  I think it’s so nice and soft that it feels really good on your little gums.  Every night you’re the last one to leave the table, and I’ve heard you try to steal food from your teachers.


You’re a climber and your teachers describe you as very determined.  You are quick to get in any open closets, cabinets, trash cans, toilets or anything that was once closed and is now open.  You are terrible about getting in the entertainment center and wrecking things.  To this day, I don’t think Lilli has ever opened it, but you’re obsessed.  You’re a home wrecker, in the toddler sort of way.  If you had your way, you’d splash in Pippin’s bowl eight hundred times a day.


Teeth – you have them but I’m not entirely sure how many.  You had three solid ones at your birthday, and literally had six more breaking through (let’s talk about some of those fussy nights….).  For the longest time you just had three on the bottom, but now you’re getting that fourth bottom one and several up top,and the pediatrician could also see/feel some molars on their way.  Mercy!  But, once they’re in we look forward to years of good sleep out of you.  At least until you turn 5 and have to get up three hundred times each night to see what we’re doing after you are supposed to be sleeping.


You wear mostly size 12 month and 9 month now.  I think you have the shortest little tree trunk legs, but they’re very strong.  You wear a size 3 diaper, as you have for a long time now.


Your favorite toys are anything Lilli is playing with.  Her favorite toy is anything you’re playing with that she wants to snatch away.  So mostly you guys alternate between Barbies and little kid toys and the fighting.


These two pictures are the result of the cats coming this way….


Ninja cats!


It seems like the last year has been both forever long and so quick.  It seems ages ago that we were in the hospital shocked that you were in the NICU and so tiny, but it also seems like a separate lifetime that there were just three of us and a Pippin living in East Nashville.  I’d say you have had a pretty busy year, and we definitely made the right decision for all of us in moving to a house where you guys would have room to grow, play and have all the opportunities of the best schools.  It was definitely worth all the pain of steam cleaning carpets two weeks post C-section.  It’s been a hard year of adjusting to starting over again in baby-world and losing sleep and watching Lilli struggle with her new spot in the family, but I can’t imagine life without our little laid-black blondie.

Now if we can just work on not knocking over our sister’s creations with giant giraffe balloons…


And we kept with our birthday traditions and celebrated Abbi with a nice dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant.  We had wanted to go back to Mirko like we did the night before she was born, but realized before we left that they’ve closed that location and the others weren’t very convenient.  But we ended up at a great little place and the girls wolfed down spaghetti and giant meatballs as we celebrated our little Abbi one last time.

And with that, our little Abbi was officially one and it was time to start focusing on the other little birthday girl!


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