From January 20 – 23rd….

I had MLK day off, it’s a new holiday for my company to observe, but this was also the first year where daycare was closed so one of us would’ve been home anyway.  Poor Lilli had not been able to knock the cold she had picked up from Abbi when she had RSV, so I ran her over to the minute clinic and it turned out she had a double ear infection with all her junk.  So she got started on some antibiotics, and made our infected ear count at that point for the month a total of 4 ears.  Abbi had just finished her antibiotic as well.  The two of them basically tore apart CVS while we waited.  At one point Abbi was pushing the chairs up and down the aisle and I think that helped our prescription get escalated.


Even with the sickies, it was a beautiful day and we had mandatory outdoor time.  I can tell Abbi is going to love the little house this year.  Lilli was probably a little old when we got it, and while she’s played with it it’s never been a favorite toy.  I think Abbi will really enjoy it this year, and Lilli will probably play with it more since she has someone to play with.


Just going in and out three hundred times is her favorite.


Apparently this happened when Lilli and I were at gymnastics that Tuesday night….


Aging just isn’t that easy for some girls.  It’s okay Abbi, you’re not old yet, just the oldest in your class now….


Lilli looooves going into the baby room to pick up her sister and play with the babies every afternoon.  She really had Edie and Abbi cackling this particular day!!


We continued our tradition of Mexican food on her birthday eve, like we’ve done since the day before she was born! Many years ago we decided it didn’t have to be the dirty Mexican restaurant we actually ate in on January 23, 2009, so thankfully we can pick.  But, we did end up going to a different Las Palmas since there is one relatively close to our new house.  Their service was terrible and ridiculously slow, so I think going forward we’ll stick to one we’ve found that we like much better! (Birthday eve Recaps from 2011, 2012 (she is actually still wearing that shirt!!).  We actually didn’t eat Mexican last year because we had a 5 day old baby and people were bringing us food!


The girls really stuck with the theme with their chicken nuggets and Lunchables.


Lilli wanted me to make her a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, so we did just that when we got home.  And with that, she went to bed 4 and woke up a big 5 year old!


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