Lilli’s Fifth Birthday Party (Part 1)

From January 25th…..

There’s just a billion birthday party pics and there’s never enough time to do a post THAT long, so I think I’m just going to have to split it or it absolutely will never get finished!! Between all of our regular busy-ness it’s consignment season, so I’ve done 3 drop offs with 2 more in the next week, so there’s a lot of baby girl clothes and baby STUFF heading out the door, but so far I’ve done pretty well and made more than I spent, so all is good!! And our attic has never been happier!!

Once again Lilli wanted her birthday party at Bounce U (where her 3rd birthday was).  For a while she wanted a gymnastics party and I really was hoping she’d do that since it is something fun and different, and you can also bring in whatever food you want, but ultimately the girl wanted to Bounce.  So I explained to her that meant we wouldn’t be serving any food, because those parties are $$$ on their own, and she was fine with that.  She just wanted to jump…

So we did a 1:30-3:30 party to avoid peak mealtimes and she and most of her friends don’t take any kind of nap anymore anyway.  That morning she and little sis lounged around while we somehow survived the wait until party time…


Little sis got decked out in her Little Sister shirt, just in case there was any confusion on who she was…..


The rest of the pictures for this post aren’t in much of any order.  Just like last time, once the children ignored a safety video we went into the first bounce room that had an assortment of different bouncy houses/obstacle courses/slides for a while (probably 30 minutes) and then the whole group went into the second room with another group of various bounce houses and such.  My favorite thing is that you’re just always with your group and no other parties are people are with you (unlike some bounce places).  So all your friends can just have fun and really just enjoy it.  I love bouncing and have so much fun at these parties myself!!

Ella and Julia hitting the big slide…


Brent and Abbi.  She just wasn’t ready for it….bless her heart.


At one point this little bounce house of various obstacles had so many kids in it one of our Party Pros did a head count to see if anyone needed to leave and play in one of the others.  HA! I think she had around 22 kids, and in total I think we had about 45 people.


Clearly, she was feeling her choice of bouncing!! She ended up wearing her same dress from last year, I had had something new made but when we put it on it just didn’t look good on her.  It made her tiny 32 pound, 5th percentile body look CHUBBY!! Something about the proportions weren’t right, so little sis will be getting that one.  But it was a beautiful dress!

Lilli and Amelia were having a great time….


Lilli, Amelia, Max, Laoise, Audrey and a peak of Ella


Is this a teenage pose or what???


Ella on the slide….


I remember at Lilli’s third birthday none of her friends could do anything in this Spiderman climby type thing.  We had invited a few older kids from church that year (now we just keep it to her classmates and their siblings since her daycare class is larger and has more siblings as well), so a few people did make it to the top, but I was totally amazed how many of her friends could do this now!! I don’t think she ever did it, which doesn’t surprise me at all, but Julia and I had meant to try it before the room change and we just never got a chance!


Lilli sliding….


Finn and Sebastian, two of her best guy friends from school.  Sebastian sent her at least a half dozen get well cards when she was so sick last fall with strep!


Amelia and Lilli having the best time….


And just a view of the kiddos running around in one of the rooms (Elle and Elizabeth in the front).  Next up are party room pics where we at least have pictures of all the kids sitting still for a short minute to eat cake!!


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