Lilli’s Birthday Party Part 2

From January 25th….

After the “bounce” part of her party we headed into the party room for some snacks and cake.  You literally aren’t allowed to bring a single food item outside of your cake in, so I had to pay for some pretzels and animal crackers from their “menu assortment” to give the kiddos a little snack outside of the cake sugar buzz.  And don’t even get me started about how they charge per cup for the adults….seriously.  Somehow Nickel and Dime should be in the names of their party packages….

The kiddos got settled at the table and enjoyed the princess blowouts Lilli had requested.  She did also request ones that made noise, but somehow I must have accidentally ordered the wrong ones on Amazon….hmmmm…..

Here’s a few of her party friends – Stewart, Brady, Finn, Sam, Sebastian, Serif, Laoise, Ashlyn, Audrey, Elle and Elizabeth


The view from the other end…I really should have sat in the big birthday kiddo chair for all the money I’ve spent with those guys!! On the left side we have Ella, Laoise, Serif, Sebastian, Sam, Finn, Brady, Stewart.  And on the right Ashlyn, Audrey, Elle, Evan, Elizabeth, Zach and Madisyn.


Your Party Pros really do a great job of serving all the food and drinks and keeping everything going well.  From this angle, Max must be next to Stewart and then you can also see Amelia on the end.


Serif cheesing for Brent.


I knew without a shadow of a doubt Lilli would pick this cake at Publix.  I had seen it in the book the week earlier when I looked through to see if I liked anything for Abbi.  And sure enough, after pouring through the book multiple times she went for it.  They were supposed to charge me about $50 for it, which didn’t seem terrible since I knew she’d enjoy the castle and princesses afterwards, but when I went to pick it up and check out they charged me $70!! Apparently it just had a price increase and they had quoted me the old price, but thankfully since my quote was in writing they went back to the quote.  Because seriously, $70???


Blowing out the candles!


Making a wish!


Adam, Julia and Ella were the big rockstars who were at BOTH parties for our girls this year! Adam and Julia are also 6/6 and have been at every single one of their birthday parties so far from 2009 until now! Considering just how busy lives are, and especially when you have kids, that’s pretty amazing.  And he even hung onto our wild child and let her smash cake all over everything so we could enjoy the party for a bit as well!!  Angela and Max also “did a double” and were at both parties.  Max was in the church nursery with Abbi and Hank is in class with Lilli, so they had double invitations as well.  Unfortunately Hank was sick with a fever so he couldn’t come and bounce, but they definitely deserve a shout out for partying with us two weekends in a row as well!


Under no circumstances did we want to open presents at the party.  These kids go wild and just can’t handle it and it always leads to fighting and chaos, so the party pros said we could do a few short games to use up the remainder of our party room time.  They did some different freeze games and corner games to get the last remaining wiggles out.


I think this was the freeze game, that the persnickety birthday girl wanted nothing to do with.


Back in the day we enjoyed getting group pictures or pictures of Lilli with all her party guests.  She mostly refuses to pose these days, so we don’t even attempt it very often.  It did start off pretty well with a great one of Lilli and Madisyn.


And then it quickly went downhill – Lilli and Amelia.


At least Audrey is putting forth some effort as the sulking just grows and grows…..


And this one of Lilli and Stewart just made us dye laughing.  Between whatever accident he had with his eye and her lollipop in the face, it’s just tragedy.  Stewart’s in kindergarten this year, but we still see him at school functions because of his younger siblings and his mom is a lot of fun and very social so they still get invited to some of the older kid birthdays.  On the way over to Lilli’s party, he told his mom how much he loves Lilli’s voice.  HA! Anytime these two are together they have a blast.


And it’s become a running joke that our kids can’t take a decent picture together.  We just really don’t have one, and not from lack of trying.  I blame the fact that their fathers make them take way too many pictures.  But AT LEAST Abbi is smiling.


Abbi is still stealing the show.


Not a framer, at all.  Maybe one day!! And the huge lollipop is what she picked from the treasure chest.  I’m not sure why since she still hasn’t even opened it, but walking out of the party room she tripped and cracked the thing.  And you had BETTER BELIEVE I traded that thing in for a not cracked one.

Up next – we finally move on from all the birthday talk, woo hoo!!!


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