Birthday Wrap-Up

From January 25th…

The end of the girls’ birthdays from this year! Woo hoo!! Just narrowly getting this in before it’s March….(as in less than an hour until March!)

Our backseat looked just like this about five minutes after we left Lilli’s party.  Both girls were just snoring away.  Poor Abbi only takes one nap a day and the party was right during that time period, but she did great and just rolled with the flow.  So on our way home we stopped at Sonic for a cherry limeade and hung out in our driveway for a while and let the girls nap in the car and get their rest out.


Of course as soon as they woke up Lilli was all about opening her presents.  I already knew that Wendy had found her the elusive Elsa doll at KROGER of all places, so I knew that would be her favorite present! Elsa has been about impossible to find, so I was very thankful Wendy had snapped that up for her back in December and held onto it until her birthday!!


This was another one of her favorites – a Barbie “camping” set – a Barbie with a tent, little sleeping bag, a plastic fire with Smores kit and all kind of other “campy” type things.  She got a ton of sweet presents from her friends – lots of girly princess stuff along with a lot of various art and craft kits that have been perfect for this cold winter.  She was very excited about all the gifts she got and everything has been played with and enjoyed.


Her sweet friend Serif made her this fruit loop necklace as one of her gifts and she was so excited to sample it.  She opened everything right before dinner and I told her to wait and eat if along with her dinner and she forgot to bring it up later.  We had put everything back in the gift bags to sort through later, and naturally the next morning while we were at church Pippin ate the entire thing.  His sense of smell is pretty much ridiculous.


Brent had his lighting set up and for some reason we drug Chip up to the bonus room and did some pictures.  I love this one of Lilli and Chip.  It’s basically what I consider her five year old picture!!  Definitely a framer.


And Abbi giving Chip some love.  She just loves the cats and goes crazy when she sees them.  She’s not especially gentle, but they’re very patient with her and don’t seem to mind her whacking and patting a little “rough”.


Pippin just loves Chip.  They’re best buds and are together all the time (when he’s in the yard).  And clearly Chip doesn’t mind some licking in the face….


And really, it’s a huge relief that they get together so well!

And THAT is all the birthday excitement for the girls for 2014!


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