From January 26th….

Finally! We had moved on from all the birthdays and parties! All told, we had entertained over 80 people between their two parties and we were WORN OUT.  So Sunday morning after church it was great to relax in the yard a little and just enjoy a slightly lighter to-do list.


This girl is loving the yard and the playhouse.  She is going to have such a fun spring and summer!


Calls to take, people to talk to, things to do.


Every year the Ringling Brothers Circus is always in town the weekend of Lilli’s birthday.  And since she always has a party at some point in the weekend and there’s always so much going on, we’ve just never gotten tickets and gone.  It’s always been something we wanted to do, but always seem to just never get around to making happen.  This year she had seen billboards and commercials, and knew enough to keep asking us if she could go as one of her birthday presents from us.  We thought about getting a babysitter, but between the price of tickets and babysitting, and how tired we both were, we decided to just make it a Daddy-Daughter date and the night before the show around midnight I bought them some great seats for the final circus show of the weekend.

Stadium food is absolutely one of her favorite things.  Boys will love her one day.  Stadium food is to Lilli what room service is to me.


She picked eating her concession stand food over going down to the floor for the pre-show.  I think the crowds and all the people kind of put her off.  And when you have an $8 hot dog to eat, it is awfully hard to postpone that kind of culinary awesomeness.


I really don’t remember ever going to the circus, but I’m sure at some point in my life I probably have been.  So it was a lot of fun for me to see all the pictures they took and hear all about their experience.  Ringling had all the biggies and from everything I heard it was a great show.


Lilli picked cotton candy as her special treat “souvenir”, and it came with this awesome, slightly one step up from paper, hat.  Totally worth the $15 that I think it cost them.


Tigers, oh my! I asked Lilli what her favorite part was, and she said the Dancers.  Of course! If you have tigers, elephants, trapeze, and cannons to choose from I’m sure Dancers would be my fave, too.


While these elephants and their tricks are pretty cool, they are definitely no Dancers.


The big finale looked pretty impressive to me.  Anytime you set off all kinds of pyro inside an arena you definitely catch my attention!

Brent and Lilli had a great night and she’s already asking to go back next year for her birthday, but she said next year it will be my turn! Hopefully by that point we won’t mind taking Abbi to shows and she’ll be able to enjoy it and have a long enough attention span for things like this.


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