Final Birthday Celebration

From January 26th-31st….

Birthdays were over and life started getting back to normal.  Lilli absolutely loves gymnastics class.  The parent observation area isn’t a great spot for taking pictures, but I think Brent captured how excited she was to be at class that night!


Abbi and I had a pretty good time at home that night, too.  Just some snacks and some TV watching.


Lilli’s favorite aisle in the grocery store.  I really should tell people to get her some Band-Aids for birthdays, special occasions, etc.


She does not enjoy getting up in the mornings right now, mostly because she spends too much time walking around at night trying to see what we’re up to.  Brent’s favorite way to try and get her out of bed in the morning is to pile balloons on her.  I’m not really sure that it helps, but he has fun with it….


This girl loves to sneak in the pantry.  One night last week she grabbed our bag of Skinny Pop and was in the dining room with it – she’d figured out how to get the twist tie off and was shoveling in popcorn.  Popcorn is a big no-no until at least 2-3 years old because of the kernels, and the little stinker has found it several times (even when it’s been buried in the back) so we’ve had to move it way up in the pantry.  Abbi just loves all food.


Lilli’s final birthday celebration was with her school buds.  They’re not crazy about cupcake parties (the sugar! so unhealthy! not organic! oh no!!).  So yogurt parfaits it was.  I supplied all the yogurt and fresh fruit, along with a few very Lilli things to make it more fun – some of her favorite sprinkles, chocolate chips, and chocolate syrup.  The “educational” portion of it for the kiddos was that they got to build and design it themselves, and use plastic knives to cut the fruit.

Excited to be partying!


Some of her tablemates – Ella, Amelia, Brayden, Ani and Cai.


More friends – Elizabeth, Sebastian, Finn, Brady, Elle and Miller


The kids all had a blast with it and ate a ton.  Their favorite things were (of course) the sprinkles and chocolate chips, but they had a lot of fun with the overall experience and I had fun hanging out with them for a little while during their afternoon snack and enjoying all the hilarious 4/5 year old conversations.

And THAT wraps up all the birthday celebrations for this year!


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