Happy Birthday Ella Kate Roses!

From February 15th…..

On this particular Saturday we went to Ella – aka Ella Kate Roses – third birthday party.  I swear we were just at her first and second birthday parties.  Her party was Saturday morning at a local church that has an indoor playground area.  Abbi was absolutely hilarious sitting at the table like a “big girl.”  And of course they had on matching (Pippin) outfits.


Since it was an early morning party they had brunch style food for everyone.  I’m not even sure how many muffins Abbi ate, and I definitely enjoyed a sausage ball or twenty.


The birthday girl and her Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake.


Abbi was a little nervous about exploring in the playground, but for the most part anything that big sister does is something she wants a part of, too.


Lilli and Ella Kate playing on a slide today…..and a boy who was apparently doing his own thing on the slide…


That afternoon Lilli and I finished putting together her Rapunzel Lego set.  I don’t think I’ve ever put together a Lego set before, and it was really a lot of fun.  The step by step directions made it really easy to put it all together and of course Lil loved the Disney theme.  I see a lot more Princess Legos in our future.


The poor thing was so tired from the early morning at Ella’s party that she actually fell asleep for an afternoon nap.  Most of the time we will have her “rest”, sometimes in the playroom watching a movie or sometimes in her room she we can have a nap, but she basically never naps herself.  Abbi usually naps from around 2-4, so we try to coordinate their rest time for a little downtime for ourselves, and on this day I was working on consignment and she was watching a movie when she fell asleep.   It was definitely worth a picture.


We went to McAlisters that night for dinner and Abbi was cracking us up (not uncommon).  She’s in a cute phase where she loves to play peek-a-boo and Lilli was helping me get her attention by teasing her with a Cheeto.


This girl is such a mess……


She really is such a mess.  We don’t do baths every day, but she may challenge that approach.  She gets in her food and makes the biggest mess of her hair, face, and everything she touches.  We seriously need to take Pippin with us everywhere we eat.  Mexican restaurants with all the rice are the worst.


By the end of her meal – I have no idea how a peanut butter and jelly sandwich can end up like this.


And of course big sister – who is about the least messy eater ever born, and always has been – got a little <lot> jealous of the attention and laughter Abbi was getting for being such a hot mess and had to create her own “crazy hair” and request some pictures to be made of what a mess she is.  Oh Lilli.  I mean “Lilly”.


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