Out on the Town…

From March 4 – 7…..

Every once in a while on a weeknight we mix it up and surprise Lilli with a Chuck E Cheese night.  We NEVER go there on a weekend, so it’s always fun if we’ve had a tiring or exhausting work day to surprise her with a special treat night on the town.  We’d last been in January for her birthday, so it was time to have a fun evening out.

Even though it’s only been about 6 weeks, at some point recently they’ve done a major swap out of all the games there.  It seemed like there was less in the smaller kid area, and some of her favorite things were gone.  It seemed like there was still quite a bit of open space so maybe they’re still in the middle of working it.

One of the new additions was this little train that now has a computer screen and  real smoke.  Everything is so fancy now.


She’s been steadily improving at Skee Ball, but she REALLY was making some good hits this night – and even beat me!!


It had been a while for our food so Brent asked a worker if they would mind checking on it.  Apparently they forgot to bring our food out, which was a bit crazy since it wasn’t crowded.  It had been sitting back there and the young teen just brought it out cold to us after Brent inquired about it.  So, Brent asked if it could be heated up, and the manager happened to overhear and went into total overdrive.  He was so apologetic and said he would stay with it himself, and when he brought it back out he also brought us a cup with about 40 more tokens! Definitely how you should handle customer service, and we were really impressed.  With what we already had and all these freebies, we ended up “hiding” some of them from Lilli so we wouldn’t be there ALL night.

Beware, if she sees a straw she wants her mouth to be on it.


Riding with Bob the Builder…yes she can!


I hit a pretty big Deal or No Deal payout! Also, after seeing some of these pics I’m definitely in huge need of going back to shorter hair-dos.


I went to my fave consignment sale one evening.  I sold in it so I got to go to the pre-sale.  I did pretty well, the larger Lilli gets the more limited the clothing becomes.  And I’m just not buying as much as I used to, especially since she’s so picky.  I just did “okay” selling in it.  There are just always SO much for the little sizes (I mostly had 3-9 months to sell – all of Abbi’s things from last summer) that it’s hard to move through it all.  I’ve got one more sale left that I need to work on finishing up this weekend and I’m definitely ready to be done with all the tagging and picking up and dropping off.


The stomach bug went through Abbi and then me.  It was miserable.


I went to another sale near work during lunch one day.  I found some cute things for the girls – including a Snow White dress up for Abbi, Anna and Elsa bows from Frozen for the girls, and Lilli has been OBSESSED with these new Sponge Bob books.   (And I got them each some new clothes).


Abbi is just hilarious right now.  So full of personality.  And also starting to explore temper tantrums (mercy!!) I talked about it with one of her teachers this morning and she’s been throwing some fits for them recently and they sent home an article about dealing with temper tantrums today. HA!

Her “cheese” face.


Peek-a-boo face:


She is such a climber.  And SUCH a handful!


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