Field Trip!

From March 10th-14th….. Pippin and Chip were playing and chasing each other around in the backyard one evening and Abbi wanted in on the action.  I think they both had a “oh no, look who’s coming face”.  Party over. IMG_3582

This girl loooves to slide. IMG_2486

Lilli’s class was invited to go on a field trip to the downtown library for a special puppet show and reading time with the Governor’s wife.  One of the mom’s in one of the other classes at Lilli’s school is the head of the Children’s Library at our main downtown Library, so they’re always getting opportunities to partner with the Library.  And a little over a year ago, Lilli’s class got to be part of another reading day with Mrs Haslam.

This time, they were filming her reading to various school groups and doing some other sort of filming with her.  It was pretty obvious they had called together a few various “samples” of groups for the promo video.  First the kids all got to come in and see one of the puppet shows. IMG_3585

The room was packed, so the teachers and adult helpers had to sit in the back.  That worked out pretty well, because one of the puppets had its leg fall off during the show and we all about died.  The kids noticed, but I don’t think they found it nearly as hilarious as us adults.  These shows are always so odd, and this one was no exception. IMG_3593                       Afterwards they had our group go to a certain spot in the library and Mrs Haslam read two stories to the kids while a photographer/videographer filmed away.  (Lilli was in my lap.) In the 15 months since our last reading excursion with the governor’s wife I’d say she has gotten slightly better at interacting with the kids.  Slightly.  I think she’s probably better with older ones who aren’t so wiggly. It doesn’t look like she has the new video or any pictures up yet on her website, but maybe one day you’ll see some glimpse of Lilli there. IMG_3595                       When we got back, Abbi was already down for her nap.  As the oldest kiddo in her infant room, she started sleeping on a mat after her birthday earlier this year.  Because she’s on more of a schedule, some of the smaller infants are often up and crawling around while she takes her afternoon nap.  So they have a little barrier of pillows and things to keep them away from her (which doesn’t always work).  So she sleeps in the front window area and we got to see her asleep when we got back from the field trip.  It was pretty precious until Lilli and her friend Amelia started trying to pound on the glass to wake her up. IMG_3596

We are so ready for spring and warmer weather.  One night was somewhat mild, so Brent got the firepit going.  It was crazy windy, so we really ended up having him just toast a few things for us and I was freezing (and between the wind + Abbi wasn’t getting close to the fire) so I didn’t stay out for long.  But hopefully SOON we’ll be getting to roast a lot more marshmallows! IMG_3600

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