Got Worms?

From March 22-23rd…

Saturday breakfast is almost always our favorite thing, but on this Saturday morning with burnt bacon and burnt muffins, that turned our breakfast into a frozen Eggo meal, we decided we have had enough of our junky appliances.  The people we bought this house from dumped brand new stainless steel bottom of the line appliances into the house.  They are the worst, on every level.  And literally they are THE cheapest options at the store.  Our oven overcooks EVERYTHING.  It’s terrible.  We recently bought a little oven thermometer and we’re realizing if we set it for 375 it’s really running about 430 degrees.  Pitiful.  So we’ve decided to go ahead and research appliances and go ahead and upgrade there before we completely re-do the kitchen.  We know we won’t do the separate cooktop and ovens this time because of the space, so we’ll be making long term decisions and tackling the kitchen in phases. IMG_2888

We needed to do some yardwork and finish planting the spring vegetables and pansies I’d bought and Lilli was so excited at the total abundance of worms in the topsoil.  With the moist ground the worms were very plentiful!   IMG_2903

She is not scared of a worm.  Or pretending to eat a worm. IMG_2910

Even Chip was having a great time playing around outside with all the yard toys. IMG_3765                       Lilli suggested we have lunch in the sunroom.  Even though it has a heater it’s been a long time since we’ve eaten out there.  We eat in there a ton during the summer, so it was nice to be back out there.  Of course Abbi can make a mess anywhere… IMG_2937                                       We went to Lowes that night to look at some closet organization and we went through the appliances.  We saw an oven we liked pretty well (dual fual – gas on top and convection oven with baking oven) but we still need to do more research on brands and styles.  The girls were running all over the place checking out appliances. IMG_3779

Old Abbi had no interest in being in the cart.  Running errands right now is….interesting.  Which is a nicer word than “exhausting”. IMG_3782

Sunday morning at church my lap was not lacking for loneliness.  Oh jealousy. IMG_2961                       Abbi was getting ‘er done in the nursery. IMG_2962

Surprisingly, Dale, our more aloof cat, really does not run away from Abbi.  Neither one of them care all that much for wild Lilli, but Dale will actually roll over and let her rub his belly and she just goes wild.  Neither one of them have ever scratched or swatted at the girls, and they really should have gotten Lilli at least a dozen times. IMG_2965

He does have his limitations. IMG_2971

Just wearing a jogging suit, pushing a pink unicorn in her grocery cart.  That’s all.   IMG_2980                       Brent took the girls to the library to get some new books and videos.  This is a sweet picture of Abbi playing with some bigger kids, but seriously, what is that kid doing with his tongue?? IMG_2998

I had completely forgotten that Lilli wore her PJs that afternoon.  She had wanted to put them on when we got home from church and she was set on a PJ day.  And since they were cute Baby Gap Easter ones, I really didn’t care if she wore them.  That girl is something. IMG_2999

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