Midweek Randoms

From March 24-28th….

Abbi is always wanting to go up to Lilli’s top bunk and Brent finally took her.  Now the girl is hooked and she’s always running into Lilli’s room and pointing to go back up top. IMG_3790

Most afternoons when I pick up the girls Abbi is in the atrium playing in the indoors playground.  I’ll ask her if she wants to go and get Lilli and she just starts running down the hall to her room.  As soon as she finds Lilli she heads over to the play kitchen and throws a fit every afternoon when we leave. IMG_3809

Little Stinker loves closing herself off in rooms.   IMG_3084

I can’t believe Abbi still stays in her little bath chair.  I know her days staying seated are numbered, but it’s definitely nice.  I’m so glad I found one of those for her! IMG_3123                       Chip is so weird.  I have no clue why he loves to nap like this or how that can even be comfortable. IMG_3818

Have I mentioned she is into EVERYTHING?? IMG_3827

One afternoon I got called around 4 that Abbi was running a 102 degree fever.  When I got there she was burning up and her cheeks were so flushed.  By the time we got home she didn’t feel warm anymore, but she still couldn’t go to school the next day so Brent stayed home with them because I had some big things going on at work.  We think it was just Abbi’s molars coming in and was teething related, because she was fine later that night and the next day, but she was definitely short tempered and not as chipper as always. Thanks to Frozen and general hair braiding excitement amongst her friends, Lilli has been pretty amped about braids.  This is what Daddy came up with while I was at work, and she was super proud of her “double braids”. IMG_3192

That evening Lilli’s request was to go to the pet store and look at the animals which is always fun AND free (with the exception of a few small treats for Pippin).  Abbi was SO excited to check out all the animals. IMG_3851

We also swung by REI and ended up getting Lilli her first pair of TEVAs, and a pair of Keens for Abbi.  Does she need some hiking shoes where she can scale rocks and wade through creeks? Nope, but they were too cute to pass up. IMG_3251

And we sniffed coffee beans at Fresh Market.  Just a normal Friday night. IMG_3865

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