Spring Showers and Flowers

From March 29-30…..

We’re normally really lazy on Saturday morning. but Brent had made an appointment for us to drop the van off at Honda at 9 am (????) so we actually had to get up and be dressed pretty early.  Our sunroof had seemed pretty loud so we wanted to check them out.  Since we were up and out CRAZY early for us we stopped for some brunch at Puffy Muffin.  The girls had a blast coloring their menus.  Abbi loves coloring, but she (and Pippin) can also tend to eat crayons so we have to keep an eye on them.


 Proud of her artwork!


It was a rainy, gross Saturday and it poured down all day.  We stayed home and by the end of the day the playroom looked like 15 tornadoes had come through!


 Before bath time Lilli asked me if she could put on my lipstick.  I really did not expect THIS!


 Bathtun that night was full of lipstick and Oreos!! Lots to wash….

 Our cherry trees are blooming and look gorgeous.


I dropped off the last of our summer infant stuff at one final consignment sale.  I’ve sold a TON of stuff, but ended up with several mostly clothing items left after it was over.  They’re back in the consignment closet and they’ll go back out for sale next summer.  I wasn’t at all impressed with this particular sale and I doubt I’ll do it again.


 We spent some time at one of our local Brentwood parks that afternoon, Crockett Park.  It’s got a great playground for the kiddos and even a special more “toddler friendly” one for 2-5 year olds.  It was a gorgeous Spring afternoon and we’ve been running these girls as much as we can.


 I can not wait to get my hair cut next week.  It’s out of control.


Abbi had fun in the toddler area, running around from thing to thing.


 She really loved the big teepee and following around some of the bigger kids playing in there.  Crockett is a great park, and just another reason we’re loving life in the suburbs!


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