Target Ladies

From April 4-5th…

Lilli’s school had a little “spring break” so their teachers could attend a local conference.  I stayed home with the girls on Friday but Brent was able to take off part of the day and hang out with us.  He took Lilli out on a little “date” that afternoon while Abbi napped so I could work on our taxes.  She just wanted to go to Toys R Us and look at all the girl stuff, so they just played with all the toys and had a good time. IMG_3832

Later that afternoon she was playing in the bonus room and threw a bunch of toys in a bag and was playing “consignment sale”.  Ha! I would love to sell all these toys that hardly get played with….. IMG_3852

That night we went out to Target to pick up a few things.  Lilli wanted to ride in the buggy too, so we ended up with this Super Sized thing.  Goodness!! These things are just massive.  No turn radius and about impossible to get up and down through the racks, but when you have two who both want to ride…. IMG_3859

This little Nemo fish they were both holding – that ended up in some sort of fight with tiny silicone beads erupting absolutely everywhere.  Such a mess.  Trying to do any sort of shopping errands with the two of them is a total race against the clock. IMG_3870

Path of destruction…… IMG_3884

I think the girls weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the giant buggy. IMG_3890

Little cutie out playing in the rapidly growing grass. IMG_3940

Poor Chip, getting lots of love. IMG_3957

All the neighborhood got the riding mowers going that Saturday and started the season of yardwork.  I usually mow the front and Brent usually mows the back.  Abbi had a good time waving at us while we worked. IMG_3981

That night we had a babysitter and we went to see Wicked with some friends.  It was SO nice to get out without the girls and have a fun adult night out.  The show was fantastic, we had seen it a couple of years ago, and it was just as great the second time.  Hands down, it’s my favorite Broadway show and maybe next time it comes to town Lilli will be old enough to go, too! IMG_3997

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