From Sunday, April 5th….

This is how we found Abbi the morning after we’d been out to see Wicked. Poor thing looks like she had passed out stiff! IMG_3998

“Cheese!” Her “say cheese” phase reminds me so much of Lilli’s when she was around this age – and I always think of us and this picture from the subway in Chicago. IMG_4004                       Abbi in her little Sunday School class. IMG_4022

Lilli and Audrey, twirling around the pole. IMG_4028

Running wild in the yard in her nice church dress, of course.  I got this one for something like $6 or $8 at a consignment sale. IMG_9086

Abbi and her best bud Dale.  The cats think the bird bath is their personal lounge pad. IMG_9081                     Pretty sure she hasn’t figured out the proper way to blow some bubbles. IMG_9148                                          Da boss. IMG_9109

Taking a clean diaper and putting it on her head makes her 100% her father’s daughter. IMG_4088        They were so tired and grouchy after a busy night before with a babysitter that the grouchy factor was running HIGH.  No clue why I thought going with both of them to the grocery store was a good idea. IMG_4054

Our bathroom = constant chaos and destruction. IMG_4067

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