Mary Lou


We recently got Lilli’s gymnastics pictures back and we bought a big enough package that we even got the digital “file”.  They basically only take one picture, so it had better be a good one!

Her picture cracks me up – the fact that they even do pictures is hilarious, but of course we had to buy them.  But what even makes it MORE memorable are the two Band-Aids on her legs – these pictures were taken the day after her 5 year well visit/kindergarten shots.  So that awful experience will be forever immortalized in this picture and make us laugh.  And I promise we’ll also remember two weeks later PINNING HER DOWN before gymnastics to take those raggedy Band-Aids off once they were starting to break her out in rashes.  Taking Band-Aids off is nearly as traumatic for her as the original injury.

I’m sure this will all be part of her future Olympic bio.  Bob Costas is gonna love this story!


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