From April 8 – 10……

Lilli is still loving her Tuesday night gymnastics class.  They have so much fun I really wish I was out there doing those same games and activities! IMG_4302

“Say cheese”! That girl is such a mess, in every way. IMG_4320

It’s dandelion blowing season at our house.  They’re popping up all the time, more and more every day.  When you have an acre, it’s just a losing battle not worth fighting.  And both girls LOVE playing with them so much! IMG_4035

She just loves Dale.  If the cats had to pick sisters, Chip would always pick Lilli and Dale would always pick Abbi.  But if they had to pick favorites it would hands down be me since I’m the only person that’s ever fed them.  And I can only feel like I wasn’t home this evening if her face left the table looking like this.  Have I mentioned her love for Oreos? IMG_4353                                Little sister is always in the middle of what big sister is working on, in this case some old puzzles we found when I was working on swapping out her summer/winter clothes.  Now when we work puzzles she’s up to about 100 piece puzzles! IMG_4375

One afternoon when I was picking the girls up, Lilli got in the tiny wagon messing around and Abbi started pulling her all over the atrium.  It was hilarious!! She is tiny but mighty. IMG_4055                       She pushed, she pulled, she was about to make corners and turn it different directions.  Hilarious.  And they were the “unicorn sisters” that day wearing some matching unicorn Ts I got them at Target last season on summer clearance. IMG_4063                                       That night we had dinner out at our fave Noodles and Company so I could do some errands for a work breakfast the next day.  Of course Abs was happy to pose. IMG_4408                       On our way home around dusk we told Lilli we needed to watch for deer around the greenway, where you can pretty much always spot some deer.  All of a sudden we saw a ton of cars pulled off on the side and traffic pretty much stopped.  I figured there must be a wreck or some sort of issue, when we realized everyone had pulled off to stare at this white (I guess albino) deer.  It was so crazy, and really beautiful.  We shared with Lilli that we didn’t think either one of us had ever seen something like that before to give her an idea of how rare something like this is.  Her response “Well it’s on Abbi’s side of the car and not mine.” And there you go, life with a sister. IMG_4070

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