Parade Time!

From Friday, April 11th:

Every year Lilli’s school has a parade in April to celebrate their birthday (2013 post here, maybe I didn’t include anything from 2012??).  The police escort the kiddos around downtown and block off the garage entrances and intersections, so it’s a huge deal for the kids – and the only time you feel good about walking up to school and seeing a load of police cars out front. IMG_4071

It’s basically organized chaos, with strollers for the younger kiddos and hand holding for the older ones.  A lot of the parents do show up for this, so it’s a pretty big deal for the kids.  I pushed Abbi in the stroller and we walked with Lilli’s class (her choice).   We walked up a block and then down two before heading back to school. IMG_4075

Lilli’s BFF Amelia was also our partner since her parents couldn’t be there.  Those girls are inseparable.  Sometimes in the afternoon I bring Abbi in their room with me to pick up Lilli and as soon as we enter the room she runs to wash her hands so she can touch Abbi – Lilli has a strict rule that her friends have to wash their hands if they want to touch “her” baby and Amelia’s the only one that usually cares enough to do that.  I find it pretty funny Lilli STILL has that rule even though Abbi is definitely not a baby anymore. IMG_4080                                       Once the parade is over everyone files into the atrium/indoor playground for teacher recognition rewards.  Two of Abbi’s teachers have been there over twenty years! And then everyone gets to enjoy some cookies before they head back to their rooms and have lunch.  Lilli and her pals had a blast and it will be SO weird next year to just be parading with Abbi! IMG_4086

Playing in the atrium one afternoon on a toy we have at home that they never play with, of course!  Lilli absolutely loves when they wear matching outfits, so I’ll take it while I can get it! IMG_4115

I wish I was a baller, I wish I was a little bit taller. IMG_4118

Abbi and Dale.  Dale is definitely her cat.  Unfortunately it seems like our Chip has gone missing while we were gone to Florida.  Our neighbor who was feeding them hadn’t seen him for a few days, and we’ve been back since last night and haven’t seen him either.  Chip rarely explores very far, so this is definitely not like him.  There have been some coyotes in our neighborhood lately, so hopefully nothing has happened.  Chip was definitely mine and Lilli’s cat and was more of our little home body – following Pippin around and hanging around our back door all the time.  Everyone seems a bit off without him and Dale really seems upset and is “meowing” a lot at us like he wants to tell us what’s happened.  I sent out an email to our neighborhood e-group, so hopefully someone will know something or have seen him lately. IMG_4149

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