Easter Egg Hunting

From April 12th….

My expert Dandelion pluckers spent the gorgeous spring morning sowing more dandelions in our yard.  It’s a favorite game at our house. IMG_4519

After lunch we went to Lilli’s school Easter Egg hunt.  It was also the church Easter egg hunt for them as well (since the daycare is part of a church) and was hosted at the house of one of her friends who went to kindergarten last fall (who hosted a class party for them last summer as well). This was the first time Abbi was big enough to Easter egg hunt.  She was pretty serious and had practicing for weeks. IMG_4164

I think her basket is about as big as she is! IMG_4162

There was a good turn out from the school and church, and this family has a great property to host it on the north side of Nashville. IMG_4549

And they’re off! IMG_4573

More hunting…. IMG_4566

Lilli has just never been that into hunting.  In her head she really wants to, but for whatever reason the whole thing just stresses her out and she wants us right there with her the whole time, even though she had plenty of friends there and was on the older end of most of the kiddos. IMG_4172

Abbi couldn’t have cared less.  Brent helped her get a few eggs and Lilli was just proud she got more than Abbi.  Overall, we really don’t need a bunch of candy or more eggs in this house, but were just glad it was a beautiful day and they got to enjoy some time with their friends and hunt some eggs. IMG_4583

Abbi and her buddy Gage in the bubble area.  He’s the little brother of the family hosting the event.  He’s about 10 months older than her, he was in the infant room with her briefly before he moved up to Toddlers, and now he’s moved up to the 2 year old room and Abbi will start moving up to Toddler on Monday and will be taking his place! IMG_4609

Abbi had a great time splashing in the water table, too.  If there’s a mess to be made or anything to get into she’s all about it! Lilli had fun in the drawing area and just running around.  All in all, it was a beautiful Spring day for the Easter Egg hunt and party. IMG_4615

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