From April 13th….

In the van, Lilli can roll down the windows herself and this spring she’s become obsessed with having her windows down anytime we’re not on the Interstate.  She’s always asking for us to put them down and open the sunroof.  She loves her huge window.  (And Abbi loves hers as well, she’s always back there waving at strangers when we’re stuck in traffic.) IMG_4198  Chip loves to chase the hoe every time we’re working in the garden.  He came back on Sunday afternoon, I was working in the flower garden and heard a meow and he was on the other side of the fence! He was too tired to climb it, and was definitely skinnier, but otherwise in fine shape.  We’re not sure where he was for the last week, but we’re glad he’s back. IMG_4205

Poor baby was so tired after church she fell asleep with a fry in her hand.  Poor thing. IMG_4689                       We went to another Easter egg hunt at a CofC near our house. IMG_4732

They had popcorn, cotton candy and lots of eggs, so we thought it would be a fun afternoon and another opportunity for Lilli to meet some kids in our neighborhood. IMG_4733

I helped Abbi and she got one egg.  She was pretty happy with that one egg and didn’t care about getting more. IMG_4734

Cutie pie. IMG_4209

Lilli got several, she was just happy to add more candy to her collection. IMG_4214                                     Any event with cotton candy is a crowd pleaser. IMG_4218

And of course lots of playing on the playground afterwards. IMG_4222

Abbi and her Dale. IMG_4792

Checking out the garden.  Our lettuce, onions, broccoli and herbs have grown SO much since then! IMG_4799

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