Let’s go to the mall!

From April 14th-18th…..

One day sweet Abbi was just having a tired, grouchy day and she climbed into the cozy corner and slept like this for an hour!! Her teachers thought it was so hilarious they took this picture for me.  Somebody definitely had a case of the Mondays. IMG_4227

Sweet sisters, they have so much fun in the tub (and everywhere) together.   IMG_4897                       We went to the library to get some more books and movies.  Lilli is loving all the Pinkalicious, Fancy Nancy and Amelia Bedelia books right now so we’re constantly trying to get fresh ones from the library. IMG_4929

I had Good Friday off, but Brent always has to work.  Us girls slept in, but once we were up Abbi lost no time getting some snacks to Pippin. IMG_4237

When I asked Lilli what she wanted to do on our day off she wanted to go to the park.   We played on the playground, threw stuff in the river and walked the track at the library.  I was just proud no one fell in the river! IMG_4263

Later that night we took our little Robin Sparkles’ to the mall to get an Easter dress for me.  Shopping with the two of them is…..not a huge amount of fun.  They’re not big on letting us look at anything that isn’t toy related (like clothes for me…..) and Abbi would prefer to be out of the stroller more than in it these days. IMG_4969

Brent did some strolling with Abbi and Lilli ended up in the dressing room with me.  She wanted to try on everything I tried on.  And she had loooots of opinions about what kind of dress I needed. IMG_4269

She is full of plenty of sass…… IMG_4283

And at some point they were BOTH in a dressing room with me at Macy’s while Brent did some trying on.  Mercy.  We left a trail of Goldfish all over Macy’s and I got a looot of evil looks, but what can you do? And yet the cashier suggested I fill out the credit card app for an extra 10% off.  Clearly whatever bonus she got for upselling credit cards was worth keeping our noise and mess level around a few extra minutes.  I decided to not save 10% and just get outta there. IMG_4287

Shoe shopping went about the same way. IMG_4300

Brent got them out of my hair for a bit and they took their adventure out into the mall.   IMG_4990                       My guess is not too long after all of this would be when Brent left our diaper bag in the middle of the mall while they went to Hallmark.  Luckily it was all still there when we realized it was missing and he went back for it. IMG_5003

Somehow by the end I was even worn down enough that I agreed to a Build a Bear.  I don’t even know how that happened, but she got the last leftover Halloween cat, so at least it was on a good clearance.  An evening at the mall is just not the same with two little kids! IMG_5015

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