Florida p4: Pool, Beach, Rinse, Repeat

From April 27…

While Abbi napped we had a relaxing afternoon ourselves and spent some time reading and kicking back on the deck.  Lilli found a big book of shells on the coffee table that she loved reading through and seeing a million types of shells. IMG_4607

And the three of us had a blast messing around in the swimming pool while Abbi rested. DCIM106GOPRO                       After rest time we headed back to the beach to play some more and watch the sunset. IMG_9704

Lilli loves her gymnastics class, and she’s doing cartwheels anywhere and anytime. IMG_9747                     These are very, very Lilli. IMG_9757

And of course our little baby girl. IMG_9787

Sweet little pumpkin. IMG_9823

Waving is her favorite. IMG_9855

Little cutie pie. IMG_9868

My little momma’s girl. IMG_9889

I’ve gotten smart enough at this two kid game to know I needed to bring two shovels to the beach with us, along with at least two buckets, two nets, two of everything.  Sharing and taking turns is not their favorite. IMG_9918

Pretty little girl. IMG_4646

It was a little bit windy that night and little bit didn’t always enjoy the wind. IMG_4664                                       Another gorgeous sunset that we basically had to ourselves.  This beach was so nice and most of the time we were there we only saw a couple of other people. IMG_9900                     Pointing to birds and enjoying the sunset….. IMG_9911

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