Florida P5: Let the Sun Shine in

From April 28th….

Monday was more of the same for us – sleeping in, being lazy, pool and beach.  The morning started bright and sunny and then a weird fog/haze poured in.  Lilli and I walked down to the beach just to see if it was too windy to go down.  By the time we got down there the haze cleared out and it was our best weather day the entire trip. IMG_4683                                       Being silly on the deck. IMG_5841

Waving at all the birds.  On this trip she really started discovering birds and getting excited about them.   IMG_4776

Sisters in the matching swimsuits I got off of Zulily.  Abbi is a little stuffed into hers. IMG_4762                                       There was hardly anyone at the beach and we mostly had everything to ourselves.  One other family of adults was down there, and a group of older women.  And that was all.  We set up camp near a flat area with a little tidal pool and the girls had the best time. IMG_4750

Lilli and I spent some time trying to catch some things with our nets. IMG_4723                                       I taught her how to catch some crabs and she was so excited to do that.  She doesn’t mind a strange animal. IMG_4707

We spent the morning at the beach and headed back to our house for lunch and Abbi’s nap.  We had a great rest time just relaxing in the pool and enjoying the sunshine and being lazy. DCIM106GOPRO                       After Abbi woke up and we played around the house we went back down to the beach.  Lilli had literally burned through 8 swimsuits at this point and she didn’t really want to go down there, so we put them in some dresses for “nicer” pics.  I think they were both a bit burnt out on the ocean and getting sandy a hundred times a day.  Brent for a few pretty ones of the girls.  We weren’t down there long, the storms were starting to move in and it was extremely windy and cold. IMG_0240

I think this is my favorite. IMG_0178

Another favorite…. IMG_0134

Abbi doing some bird watching…. IMG_0108

More Lilli….Abbi wasn’t feeling the wind and cold much..   IMG_0087

I think this one is really sweet….we needed some good pictures of her! IMG_0069               ‘

Our big toddler girl! IMG_0066

Sister pictures were not successful. IMG_0042

Brent had promised to take Lilli crab hunting, so this night they went back down to the beach after dinner and chased crabs with flashlights.  She had a blast and we were VERY glad they did it that day since we were about to be in some of the craziest storms we’ve EVER experienced! IMG_5864

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