Florida p8: The Long Road Home

From May 1:

We all finally had a good night’s sleep with no storms, but we did have to get up earlier than we had been to head home.  Our goal was to pick Pippin up before the Farm closed at 6 pm.  That doesn’t sound like a huge task, but with two kids nothing is every as easy as it seems. It wasn’t too hard to leave another gloomy day.  It was really chilly that day, and it really wouldn’t warm up and get sunny for a few more days (According to the forecast) so we weren’t even tempted to add a couple more days to our stay for some good beach days. IMG_6196                       The girls watched the pool guy come and clean the pool while we were leaving.  I was glad we brought a couple of sweaters, “just in case”. IMG_6211

Some in car naps.   IMG_5064

But more often than not, our ride looked like this.  Everything was off, it seemed like every time Abbi finally chilled out and fell asleep we had to stop for lunch, gas, bathroom breaks, etc.  It was a long, long ride back.  And it was made even longer by a “short cut” the woman on the beach the evening before had told us about, which probably added about 30 minutes to our day. IMG_5077

The only thing Lilli had asked to do the entire way back was stop at the “free magazine” place, aka the state rest areas.  We were running so close to making it on time to get Pippin, but we knew she’d be crushed if we didn’t stop.  So we told her we’d make it quick and Tug was also pretty happy to get out and stretch her little legs. IMG_6242

She was happy as a clam looking at her travel brochures after our stop.  She’s keeping all of them in a special spot in her room and has a ton of places she wants to visit. IMG_5082                                       Our GPS told us we’d arrive at the kennel about 15 minutes before it closed.  We knew we’d have to go through the downtown Franklin traffic, but we called ahead and told them we should be there in time.  And then, we got off Highway 96 and sat and sat and sat.  It was insane and we watched the clock tick away.  We knew we’d be late, but we were too close not to try, and we pulled up at 6:20.  Insane.  I can’t stand Franklin.  Luckily they were still there and I was SO glad we’d called.  Pippin was happy to eat all the snacks thrown on the floor, but it didn’t take too long with all the massive amount of fussing in the backseat for us to be certain he would rather be back at the Farm. And with that, we finally made our way back to sunny and warm Tennessee.  We were very glad to be back and enjoyed our break from work and school.  Maybe next time we can have a more boring vacation and just enjoy sunshine and sand, minus torrential rains!! IMG_5090

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