From May 2:

We came back on Thursday from our vacation on purpose so we’d have the weekend to get back into our routine and for everyone to sleep well.  We weren’t sure how Abbi would sleep in a new place, but she did great on our trip and having her own room and plenty of space away from the noise really helped her stay rested.  It’s so much easier staying in a rental house than cramming in a hotel room or small space at this age with her. So, for our last day off from work, we spent that beautiful Friday at Cheekwood Gardens.  We also repeatedly looked at our weather apps and noted that it was warmer AND better weather here in Nashville than at the beach. We grabbed a picnic lunch at Subway and camped out on the lawn near the pond and watching them working on part of the new Bugs! exhibit. IMG_5091                                       It’s been a while since we’d been to Cheekwood – we visited in 2011 to see the special Trains! exhibit, and then we did Lilli’s three month pictures there a long time ago in 2009.  It seems like we’ve visited there more often than that, but I guess we haven’t.  Now that we’re only about ten minutes away from it we plan to go more often – we had so much fun there that we went ahead and got a membership. Lilli had a blast documenting her favorite plants.   IMG_0343

Brent took some fantastic pictures of the girls.  I absolutely love this one of the sweet sisters and big sis watching out for little sis. IMG_0362

And little sis trying her hardest to keep up with big sis on the bamboo trail of the Japanese Gardens.  She just loves her big sis so much.  I love asking Lilli every afternoon if she saw her sister and she’ll tell me she got Abbi to come over and hug her as they passed in the halls. It’s hilarious hearing their teachers tell me how excited Abbi gets to see her big sis.  They are definitely going to miss each other this fall! IMG_0403

They still have the Thomas train from the Trains! exhibit from a few years ago.  It was a huge hit for both girls. IMG_0436

We found this little play area outside the Kids Art Center, and the girls could have played there forever. IMG_5133

We did the sculpture trail.  Lilli loves being the map guide and she made it her mission to find each sculpture marked on the trail map. IMG_5145

We had a great time and plan to go back a lot more often.  Since it’s so close it’s easy to just go and explore part of the grounds without trying to fit everything in.  And they’re always changing out exhibits/flowers/seasons on the grounds and in the actual museums. That evening the girls did some driving.  They’re going to put some miles on the Jeep this summer. IMG_5164

Sometimes we let Abbi sit in the driver seat in the garage so she feels “big”.  It’s also a slight reward for making her ride with her crazy big sister and her wild driving. IMG_6310

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