Back to Normal

From May 3….

We had a normal weekend after getting back from vacation.  Saturday morning Lilli wanted to play dress up.  Sister’s not really into it yet, but she was awfully cute in her Snow White costume. IMG_5311

Cinderella…. IMG_5205

We spent the gorgeous afternoon outside giving my car a much needed washing.  It had accumulated a LOT of bugs on the drive to and from Florida. IMG_6343

I love having this big, big yard for the girls to run in.  And our garden has changed SO much since then!! We’ve got a lot of plants going now, and even have a few green tomatoes now, tiny peppers and little squash.  And the lettuce you can kind of see below is completely grown out now and starting to get bitter. IMG_5231

A little grilling action…. IMG_5215

I’m not so sure what was so funny at dinner, but I’m pretty sure it had to do with the bread Abbi is throwing! IMG_6357

Two girls, just cruising the subdivision on a Saturday night. IMG_5261

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